Zynga: Top Dog of Android Games with $321m 2012 Revenue

Sanjana April 30, 2012 0

The start of 2012 brought along with it good news for many tech companies with the exception of HTC. To add up to the list is Zynga, a leading game development company, that has posted a record-breaking $321 million revenue in the first quarter of 20

12, with a year-on-year improvement of 32%.

zynga tops android games

This is not just it. Apart from this huge success, Zynga has other reasons to

rejoice also. The number of daily active users across all the company’s games, including games on Facebook has reported an increase of 6% to 65 million. Also the number of monthly unique users

has increased by 25% to 146 million in comparison to 2011 Q1. The monthly unique paying users in Q1 2012 is 3.5 million people who have already payed up for Zynga’s casual games.

Zynga has included six new titles to the company’s list of games in the first quarter of the year. The new titles include Hidden Chronicles, Zynga Slingo, Scramble with Friends, Dream PetHousse, Dream Heights, and the highly popular Draw Something. The previous year Zynga had released CityVille that still tops on Facebook with 41.6 million monthly active users and 6.6 million daily active users per day. The company had also reported 21 million mobile daily active users in Q1

2012 that is a major improvement over the 12 million mobile daily active users from the previous year.

The bulk of increase can be credited to Zynga Poker, Scramble with Friends, and Words with Friends. Those of you who are wondering why Draw Something is not on the list, it is because the game wasn’t a part of Zynga’s lineup till then in the first quarter. Zynga plans to introduce more in-app purchases so as to increase monetization. In-app purchases have always proven to be quite the money maker. It also plans to release other new mobile games in 2012 to sustain its growth with the latest one being ZombieSmash, that recently got ported to Android platform.

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