Tips to Unlock Android Phone if you Forget PIN Password or Screen Lock Pattern

Sanjana December 1, 2011 0

Google Android operating system offers options to protect our data by setting up screenscreen lock bypass logo lock or mobile password. But what happens if we forget the PIN model or password given by us? Well you need not worry since there are two methods to find a way around the locked instances in your android phone.

Method 1- General Android OS Solution:

Among the several good features of Android, one is that it provides a maximum of 5 attempts to reset your password when you want to retrieve your PIN or unlock your model. If your setting is valid during password restoration process, you will be asked to set a new password or PIN.

If you enter the wrong combination pattern five times you have to wait for 30 seconds to unlock the device. Go through the simple steps:

screen unlock 1

Step-1: Enter the unlock pattern for five times continuously till you are prompted with the forgot password pattern. This pattern appears at the bottom right hand side of screen in some handsets.

screen unlock 2

Step-2: Click on the option of Forgot Password then you will be required to sign in with the existing Gmail or Google information. You have to give the ID when you first registered or activated your phone. Now it would be easy for you to get in and change the unlock pattern.

screen unlock 3

Step-3: In case you don’t know the Gmail ID or have given the wrong password, the only one way is to hard reset your phone. In the hard reset process, data on the added SD Card is not wiped out but you will loose all your personal data, information and contacts stored in phone memory.

Steps to Hard Reset your Phone:

Step-1: Power Off your device.

Step-2: Pres the HOME button and RED Power button simultaneously for 30 seconds till a triangle with an exclamation mark is visible at the centre. Keep holding it even as the G1 logo appears.

Step-3: You have the following four options available now:

  • ALT + S- To apply SD Card update.
  • ALT + W- To wipe data and factory reset.
  • ALT + L- To toggle log text display between exclamation and menu options.
  • HOME + BACK- To reboot your phone.

After hard resetting your phone, you need to re-download your apps and settings and re-register your phone again.

Method 2- Screen Lock Bypass:

Screen Lock Bypass is an Android App that lets users unlock the PIN or lock patterns when your phone doesn’t provide the option to reset your password using Google Account. The application will bypass the locked screen whenever you reboot your device thus allow users to take backup of the data present. The App comes in two versions: Free and Paid at a price of $2.

screen lock bypass 5

Download the app to your computer or laptop and install it by transferring it via USB cable. Then it will work to remove or reset the temporary lock on your device by resetting your PIN/pattern.

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