Tips to Setup Speed Dial / Favorite Contacts on Android Smartphones

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It’s a good thing that Android smartphones provide us a variety of options under Contacts. Our Contacts can be organized to form a group and you can also add your Favorites to it. Android smartphones also have the ability to remind you about some imp

ortant dates like Birthday, Anniversary dates, any particular website or email, home address and many more all under a single contact.

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Usually we are confined to a limited number of contacts and here we have come up with some simple tips on how to add certain contacts to your list of Favorites and how to remove them from Favorites. Adding contacts to your favorites enables you to get quick access to your regularly used contacts for texting or calls thereby saving a considerable amount of your time. However it all depends on the users what they want to opt for.

Steps to Add Contacts to Favorites:

Adding your existing Google contacts, SIM contacts or phone contacts to your favorites is quiet simple. Let’s proceed with the tutorial.

Step-1: To add a contact, navigate to Contacts options from your smartphone and you will see various options at the top such as Logs, Contacts, Favorites, Group. Click on the option of Favorites.

add contacts to fav 1

Step-2: Click on the Menu button and you will see the option of Add to favorites. Here you may or may not have added your previous favorite’s contacts that really doesn’t matter.

add contacts to fav 2

Step-3: Next search or scroll down for the contacts that you like to add to your favorites and after its done click on the option of Add.

add contacts to fav 3

Step-4: Now you will automatically roll back to the Favorites under contacts that will be displayed as your favorite.

add contacts to fav 4

This is how you can add contacts to your favorites. There are no limitations to the number of contacts that you can add to favorites but adding more and more contacts will spoil the utility. We recommend users not to add more than 5 contacts that you use quiet frequently.

Android smartphones are designed in such a way that they suggest you to add frequently dialed contacts just below the favorites. Thus you should be pretty clear as to whom to add and whom not to add. Let’s now proceed to the steps on how to remove a contact from your Favorites.

Steps to Remove Contact from Favorites:

Removing contacts is rarely required and it’s quite simple to remove a contact from your Favorites.

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Let’s check out the tutorial.

Step-1: From the Contacts option in your smartphone, proceed to Favorites.

add contacts to fav 5

Step-2: Among the favorites contacts, click on the account of the person whom you want to remove from favorites. This will open up the contacts page of the person along with all the details of the person.

add contacts to fav 6

Step-3: To un-favorite it, click on the yellow star located on the top right side and to remove more contacts, go back and repeat the process for all the other contacts that you want to remove. After removing unwanted contacts from your favorites, the list is immediately shortened.

Thus you can add as well as remove contacts to or from your Favorites by following the simple tips as mentioned above. Adding contacts to Favorites helps to dial up that particular person quickly thereby saving the time that would have otherwise been wasted in going to contacts, searching for the respective one and then dialing. These tips works for all the Android smartphones existing in the market.

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