10 Best Tips to Maximize & Boost Android Battery Life

Sanjana March 13, 2012 0

Android smartphones are powerful devices. They are useful, interesting with a lot of entertainment amenities and the best part come with an open source platform that enable users to customize their smartphone’s firmware as per their wish. However no matter how very potent or influential Android smartphones can get they are always chained down by battery issue. Battery backup is a major issue among all Android smartphone users.

android battery life

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Well stop worrying guys because we have come up with some simple tips that will let you improve the battery life of your Android smartphone. You do not need to change your device just follow the tips mentioned down and ensure a longer lasting battery life.

Tip-1: Use Android’s Battery Usage Screen

 Navigate to Settings > About Phone > Battery Use and find out what is it that is eating up your smartphone’s battery the most. You can understand what to power off in your phone settings to save battery from this screen.

Tip-2: Adjust the Brightness

Big bright screens look great but they are the ones responsible for consuming the maximum amount of your smartphone’s battery. To adjust the brightness navigate to Settings > Display > BrightnessYou can also select the auto brightness option if available or adjust it manually.

Tip-3: Disable Wi-Fi 

Browsing on Wi-Fi is much faster than browsing via mobile data plan. Be sure to power off Wi-Fi when not in use because if the Wi-Fi is powered on in your phone it will keep scanning for available networks. Navigate to Settings > Wireless and network settings> Wifi settings > Turn Off Wifi  else simply turn off the Wi-Fi from the notification area.

Tip-4: Disable Bluetooth

Disable Bluetooth option when not in use. It saves a lot of battery and keeps your smartphone safe. Navigate to Settings > Wireless and network settings>Bluetooth settings> Turn of Bluetooth else you can also power off the Bluetooth from the notification area.

Tip-5: Disable GPS 

GPS is a very powerful service but it drains the battery pretty fast. Use GPS only when you need it and disable GPS and Latitude when not in use. Navigate to Settings> Location and Security Settings> Remove check from “Use GPS Satellites” or you can power off the GPS from the notification area.

Note: You can use the “Power Widget” to easily operate GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi and Screen Brightness.

Tip-6: Disable Automatic Sync

Applications such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and other email apps consume much battery due

to Automatic Sync features. Background Data is also required to receive e-mails and updates at regular intervals. The best thing you can do is to keep the Background Data On and Automatic Sync feature Off. Navigate to Settings> Accounts and Sync> Remove check mark from “Auto-sync”.

Tip-7: Disable or Remove Unused Apps

There are a number of apps that we have installed but never use. Be sure to remove such apps because many of those apps keep running at the background. This will help you to free the internal phone memory and also save battery.

Tip-8: Disable Home screen Widgets & Live Wallpaper

Home screen widgets always make the apps to run on the background so it is essential that you keep only those widgets which you generally use. Live wallpapers makes your smartphone’s home screen look beautiful, but reduce the battery power to half of of the normal had you used an image as wallpaper. So avoid using Live wallpapers and use minimum Widgets.

Tip-9: Use a Good Task Killer

Use the inbuilt Task Killer app in your smartphone as it has been designed according to your phone. You can also grab a good task killer from Google Play (Android market) and use it as per the given instructions. Task killers can perform wonders for your smartphone if used properly.

Tip-10: Use Battery Saving Apps

There are a number of applications to improve your battery performance. Majority of them restrict the use of internet  and can be customized as per your requirements. One of the best app for this purpose is “Juice Defender” available in both paid and free versions in Google Play (Android Market).  “Juice Defender” enables you to configure a bunch of parameters to govern your phone’s power usage. For example you can set your smartphone to automatically switch off data services during the night, or enable synchronization only when your screen is powered on.

Different versions of Android have different levels of battery performance. Usually with each new version of Android battery life keeps on improving. The latest version of Android, ICS 4.0 has a better battery backup in comparison to other older versions.

Thus you can follow the above mentioned simple tips to ensure better long lasting battery back up for your Android smartphones.

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