Thinking Space – Best Mind Mapping App for Android

Sanjana November 29, 2011 0

Ideas originate from thoughts and can take the shape of reality when put on paper. Visual thoughts and ideas arethinking space logo rendered useless until noted somewhere. The only one thing that almost everyone has all the time is the Mobile Phone which can be the best thing to store ideas whenever any of it pops out. Having an Android smartphone is just the right thing since we got lots of Android applications dedicated for activities and ideas mind mapping.

thinking spaceThinking Space is an Android application that assists us to organize and navigate through ideas and activities. It seems to be an awesome mind mapping tool as it comes with links, notes, colors and icons. Besides summarizing meeting minutes it lets you plan new business ventures or exciting holiday outings and organize study notes. There seems to be no compatibility issues since Thinking Space file has been created keeping in mind the compatibility with third party desktop Mind Mapping applications such as Freemind, Xmind, MindManager and MindMeister API.

thinking space1Every mind map which you create begins with a core idea dubbed as a node according to this app’s terminology. There are various other subnodes that can be created around this node where the main target is to break down the main node into its constituent parts. For example your idea is to try out a new advertising campaign to promote your company. For this you will be creating first the node then the subnode will consist of budget, ideas, planed features and a whole lot of other stuffs. You can again create various other nodes out of each subnode to provide a greater level of insight details.

thinking space2thinking space3You can transfer your files to your PC easily using Think Space and Dropbox since the ideas that you draw using Think Space can be downloaded in image format thereby being transferable anywhere. Thinking Space Android app comes in two versions which are free version with limited features and the full feature PRO version that is priced at $5.99 in Android Market.

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