Tutorial to Tether WiFi Hotspot in HTC Sensation

Sanjana February 25, 2012 0

HTC Sensation is one of the next generation smartphone that has taken Android smartphones to the next level. HTC Sensation sports some high-end specifications and this handset is a refresh version of the former HTC Sense user interface. This smartphone sets a certain standard for other smartphones as it features the awesomeness of 1.2 Ghz dual core Qualcomm processor and Sense 3.0 technology.

htc sensation

As HTC Sensation is powered by Android operating system, it by-default comes with the option of running your own Wi-Fi hotspot. Wi-Fi hotspot  is a feature provided in smartphones that enables you to share your incoming data connection with other Wi-Fi enabled devices. In this article we will discuss the detail procedure on how to tether your HTC Sensation  smartphone.

Wi-Fi hotspot and tethering is one of the highest battery draining components of HTC Sensation smartphone so it is recommended to use Wi-Fi hotspot on your HTC Sensation phone only when there is any requirement and then power it off when not in use. It is to be noted that you would be charged for whole of the network access depending on the 3G plans or  incoming data option connection that you possess. In times when there is no Wi-Fi available on wireless devices such as your laptop or computer then, you can utilize your smartphone’s Wi-Fi hotspot application.
Steps to Tether HTC Sensation as WiFi Hotspot:

Step-1: From the HTC Sensation smartphone’s home-screen, tap on the option of My Apps.

htc wi-fi 1

Step-2: Next from the various app options available tap on ‘Wi-Fi Hotspot‘.

htc wi-fi 2

Step-3: Here you will be prompted for some confirmation so tap on Ok to proceed.

htc wi-fi 3

Step-3: Now you would be automatically lead to the settings of Wi-Fi router where you would you are required to provide your  which is nothing but your network name. Router name is used as an identification of your Wi-Fi hotspot to other devices.

htc wi-fi 4

Step-4: You will also be prompted to provide a password for secured access of your network. The security can be set to a very high level with the help of WPA2 AES security level.

htc wi-fi 5

Step-5: After you have provided both the Router name and password, click on the option of Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot to turn on Wi-Fi sharing and make your device visible.

htc wi-fi 6

Now your device would get ready to share Wi-Fi via the incoming data connection whether its 3G or other Wi-Fi stream. You can search for other Wi-Fi enabled devices and they would be able to see your network if it is in range. However Wi-Fi hotspot does not provide mush wide coverage.

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