Swype Beta gets Updated – Includes Japanese Language Support and Better Context Prediction

Sanjana November 23, 2011 0

If you love Swype, check out the new version 3.26 of Swype BETA with ecstasy. The new version includes Swype Connect v2 that supports automatic updates and delivers the latest Swype improvements to your device directly. Isn’t that really coollll?? It also replaces the hectic routine of uninstalling Swype and using the propeitery installer with an easier process that keeps all our settings intact.

Swype logoThe new improved features are a follows:

  • Free from the chains of SwypeInstaller – After installing the latest version of Swype BETA, you don’t have to install SwypeInstaller ever again. The updates can be installed directly from the Swype Settings menu.
  • Save Your Own Settings And Dictionary – Since you don’t need to uninstall Swype first because of the automatic updates, you can take your dictionary and settings along while upgrading.
  • Get Notified – A notification will be sent right to your device as soon as a new update is ready.
  • swype beta 3.26More Languages by Region – To accommodate the dramatic increase in language that includes 11 additional languages, Swype has streamlined and split its assets into 4 regional downloads plus 23 languages for all regions combined. The four regional divisions are America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Pan-Asia.
  • Refined Key Layout – The layout of the keyboard has been modified a bit. The “GLOBE” key has been removed from all BETA builds and a second page has been added to the symbols layer. To switch between the pages you have to press ½ key on the left. Like traditional keyboard, numbers are now shifted to the top row of keys.
  • Enhanced Settings and Help – No more cribbing about those confusing old settings, tutorial and help. Check out the editing layer and learn more about the basic as well as advanced techniques such as bouncing and auto-space suppress gestures to become an experienced Swyper. Long-press SWYPE key to quickly access Swype Settings anytime. Update Swype directly from the settings menu when a new version is available. Set Available Languages to be free from the headache of using any unwanted language.
  • swype beta for androidUpdation in Context Prediction Engine – This feature learns from the text that you enter to further predict what you want or mean to say next, thus continually learning from your typing. The updated feature includes a 40% increase in prediction accuracy with the promise of bringing in other languages also other than English, French, Italian, German and Spanish already present.
  • Japanese Support Language – An added support for Japanese language that is the kana-kanji conversion has been included which is only available in the Pan-Asia package.

Sure Swype’s getting smarter with its variety of bug fixes and users can expect an updation within 72 hours.

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