Tips to Fix Android GPS Satellites Navigation

Sanjana January 7, 2012 0

The GPS in your phone helps you to find the particular location you are searching for. By knowing your desired location you can further precede with navigation. Recently a lot of issues regarding GPS on Android phones popped up and the best selling Galaxy S phone has had a long history with it. However Galaxy S is not the only Android powered smartphone to have been affected by the GPS issue. The origin of the cause varies from device to device but there are some things that you can do to fix this issue.

gps status toolbox

Before you conclude that GPS is not working in your phone, be sure that your GPS has actually been given the rights to access. Most mobile phones are provided with a GPS which is the assisted GPS to verify your location on the map. This assisted GPS uses GPS satellite signals and might also use cell phone towers along with any Wi Fi network located near to your phone’s vicinity in order to determine your location. You can follow these simple tips mentioned below to quick fix your Android GPS Satellite navigation.

Step-1: Turn on the GPS Settings in your phone by following the path Settings > Location and Security. Tap on Wireless Networks then on Use GPS Satellites. By default your phone will use the signal reception from GPS Satellite and by granting this access it will help AGPS chip to give rapid results.

use wireless nw

Granting access to GPS may resolve your problem but it doesn’t provide the tutorial on how to make use of GPS Status and Toolbox Android app. Downloading this application will clear all cache so you have to re-download you’re A GPS data that will result in re-acquiring the correct satellite

Step-3: Download GPS Status and Toolbox and install it in your phone. After installation is complete, open the application and you will come across the compass and raw data. Click on Menu buttons for more options.

Step-4: Go to tools and select Manage A GPS state from there.

use gps

Step-5: Click on Reset then tap on Download. Exit from the app after it is done.

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In case you have installed any custom ROM and are still facing issues with GPS then there might be a problem with the GPS reception on that firmware so it is suggested to have a more advanced ROM in your device that might deal with the issue. We have covered various articles on how to update your device with various custom ROMs so select the firmware that you would like to flash on your device and get going!

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