Simple Tips to Enhance User Experience of Left Hand Android Phone Users

Sanjana May 4, 2012 0

Today we will discuss out a few simple tips for all left handed persons who use an Android smartphone. These tips will enable all leftys to have a more simpler user experience with their devices. There are some minor modifications that you can apply but the best advise we can give is

to install CyanogenMod ROM.

android tips 1

Installing CyanogenMod ROM varies as per the device and there is separate installation tutorial for every device. Let’s check out the tips to enhance the user experience of all left handed persons who use an Android smartphone.

Tip-1 Left hand Mode:

Left hand users tend to hold their smartphones towards their left ear every time while speaking. Majority of the smartphones have the proximity sensor designed in such a way that they work most efficiently when held against the left ear as they have been programmed to do so by the software. However you can fix it with a small option change in the menu.

left hand settings 1

Navigate to the option of Settings on CyanogenMod installed in your Android smartphone and check out the Left-hand mode box. You will see a small prompt asking you to restart your smartphone that is compulsory as the smartphone has to reconfigure the hardware of the proximity sensor. This easy trick might come in handy while on long calls.

Tip-2 Screen Orientation:

Majority of all Android smartphones have the option to automatically rotate to portrait or landscape when the smartphone

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is tilted or when games of that particular orientation are played on them. It has been observed that when the smartphone rotates to the other side a right handed user would be convenient with it, but a left hand user finds it difficult to scroll through the long lists when the orientation changes as many apps place their scroll button to the right end of the screen.

This issue can also be fixed with the help of CyanogenMod installed in your Android smartphone. Navigate to the option of Settings in CyanogenMod and select the Sound and Display settings. Here an option named Orientation has been included by CyanogenMod that lets you choose your own levels of orientation in terms of degrees.

left hand settings 2

The options available are from 90 to 360 degrees. You can choose 270 degrees or 180 degrees as per your convenience and the setting get saved permanently. This tip helps to scroll while on a different orientation but for a left handed user it matters a lot to use the phone just like how

they would use it when it is in normal mode without any orientation change.

Thus left handed persons can follow the above mentioned simple tips to enhance the user experience of their devices.

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