Set Passcode Lock on Dropbox Files on Android – Tips to

Sanjana May 12, 2012 0

Dropbox is one of the popular Android applications used to store files in the Cloud. Dropbox has its clients in all mobile platforms, including PC and Mac OS X. Dropbox for Android is available for all Android smartphones and you can download Google Play Store.

dropbox android

If you are a regular user of Dropbox and want to store, sync and share your personal files the the need for protecting

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your files from unauthorized access automatically arises. Here we will show you how to set a

passcode for Dropbox for all your files. Follow the simple tips to set a passcode for Dropbox.

Tip-1: Open Dropbox on your Android device by selcting it from the app drawer.

Tip-2: Press the options / Menu key from the menu of your

smartphone to open up. Select the options of Settings from the list there.

Tip-3: Choose the option of Passcode lock from the first column of Dropbox Settings category.


Tip-4: Next within the Passcode option first check the Passcode lock button and power it on.

Tip-5: Dropbox will now prompt you to set your 4 digit passcode, after which you have to enter it again for confirmation.

Tip-6: After the passcode is set, you will have your passcode

options enabled that will enable users to power it off, change your existing passcode to a new one or erase all the data in your dropbox account when entered incorrectly in ten attempts.

From now on, the passcode is set and everytime the the user opens the app, it will prompt to enter the passcode without which the files wont be displayed. However it is to be noted that selecting the option of erase all data option on Dropbox is quiet risky as all data from the device will be deleted. So don’t forget to think before choosing this option and make the best use of this by selecting a strong passcode instead of a poor one.

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