Samsung Galaxy S III to be Announced at MWC 2012

Sanjana December 27, 2011 0

There are just 50 days remaining for the event of Mobile World Congress and it’s not just consumers who are eager about it but manufacturers also seem to patiently suppress their enthusiast for the upcoming event.  The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is expected to happen in 2012 at Spain and as rumor spreads out Samsung is all set to launch the popular smartphone Galaxy S II’s successor. Galaxy S mobile phone is the best selling and popular Android handset when it comes to choosing between an ideal smartphone and thereby has given Samsung the perfect thrust to introduce the new Galaxy S III.

galaxy s iii

Undoubtedly the Galaxy S II has performed exceptionally well and there is no rationale as to why Samsung shouldn’t launch its heir. The Galaxy S III will be the forerunner of next generation smartphones and we have taken a peek at its major specifications. It is reported that Samsung is testing the Quadra core processor as part of its Exynos chipset. Moreover the Dual core Quadra processor is estimated to arrive around the middle of first quarter of 2012 with competitions from HTC Edge and HTC Zeta who are also among the deserving list of Quadra processor. Thus chances of Galaxy S III coming with Dual core Quadra processor are minimal.

Other things like Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely a must since Samsung has already launched a phone running on ICS that is the Galaxy Nexus. The design is rumored to be a little modification of Galaxy Nexus with five touch-sensitive keys on bottom that are supposed to be for Menu, Apps, Back, Phone and for Search. Let’s take a glance at some of the leaked specifications of Samsung Galaxy S III:

  • 4.65 Super AMOLED III Plus screen display having 1280*720 pixel resolution
  • 1.8GHz chip with 2GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage with SD Card slot to expand memory
  • 12MP camera
  • 1080p video recording at 60fps
  • 2250mAh battery
  • NFC Chip

With more to include we have reports about Samsung working on to incorporate 3D to Galaxy SIII and it’s not just about 3D display but it might also include 3D in photos, 3D video recording along with assimilation with 3D TVs. However Samsung will take some time to go with this 3D testing so it is expected to introduce a new alternative by the name Samsung Galaxy S 3D that is planned to be released towards the second quarter of 2012. If Samsung incorporates 3D in it, it will easily beat its competitors like HTC Evo 4G and LG Optimus 3D.

The only confirmation we have received till date that the descendant of Galaxy S II phone is still in the making and is about to be unveiled at MWC Event in 2012. So lets wait and watch for a simply stunning New Year gift.

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