Samsung and Apple to Protect Smartphones From H2O

Sanjana January 27, 2012 0

What is the one thing that is most dreaded by smartphone users across the world? Yea you guessed it right – Getting your smartphone drenched in water. This one compound is the most fatal among smartphone enemies. Getting your smartphone waterlogged, renders it useless that is now worthy of being thrown away into trashcan. Well it is really hard to avoid the dreaded compound especially when your precious smartphone is supposed to travel with you everywhere and who can predict about some unfortunate accidents. But now comes the rescuer – Ah yes our Hero! A new technology developed by Korean company HzO has emerged that can pretty well save our beloved device from getting waterlogged.


HzO scientists have developed WaterBlock, a patented nanotechnology that blocks out moisture without interrupting electronics. It protects electronics from all sorts of moisture exposure whether it is splashes, humidity, spills, body moisture or even immersion depending on the degree of WaterBlock application and the depth of immersion. So what exactly is this WaterBlock? It is a chemical vapor deposition that blankets all the crucial electronic circuitry with a nano-thin film consisting of extremely effective water-repellant properties. This WaterBlock material is transparent and provides a perfect finish that does not disrupt the look and feel on whatever material it is applied on. It can be applied on any clean, moisture free surface such as plastic, metal, ceramic, steel or tin. The amazing part is, this technology will be implemented directly at the manufacturer level so you never really know what’s in there at the time you purchase your shiny gadget

Last week HzO had attended the CES held at Las Vegas Nevada to show off their WaterBlock technology that turned out to be massive success. In just four days the company received positive media feedback from innumerable high profile sources such as New York Times, Forbes and so on. The company ahs already applied the technology to a number of smartphones like iPhone and others from Samsung and Motorola. As quoted by the company’s representative

“We showed the Samsung Chairman the technology with a Samsung Galaxy S that we had coated with HZO and he couldn’t believe his eyes”

The company is in talks with Apple also in hopes of making the iPhone 5 water proof and is in talks with all the leading manufacturers expecting to sign some big deals. As reported by the company’s spokesperson, HzO is in the course of signing up a major smartphone partner and a headphone maker in the near future. The future of this amazing technology is exciting and its applications seem endless. With this technology, we expect to see people using smartphone devices in and around water very soon in the near future. You can check out the videos posted below to know more about this HzO technology.

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