Tutorial to Root Sony Xperia T LT30

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A lot of ROMs and software are being developed by developers so that the users of the Sony Xperia T LT30p device have more enhanced and advanced features. The methods of rooting are also provided so that the real abilities of the phone are revealed. Users who are rooting for the first time are likely to have a difficult time as the process may seem to be scary and complicated. Special thanks to XDA Developers member Bin4ry who came up with a solution to make the procedure of rooting easier and this is made possible by Bin4ry’s one click rooting tool which customizes your Sony Xperia T. Well, the Version 15 of the rooting tool has portrayed to have some issues and bugs but for sure, you are not going to lose your data while being in the Normal Mode. Follow the guide below in order to root the Sony Xperia T LT30p.


Things to be noted

• The instructions discussed below are only applicable for Sony Xperia T, model number LT30p and hence should not be applied on other devices.

• The instructions are for your learning and it is not guaranteed to work under your specific circumstances.

• Go through the total instructions before you go for the process of update.


• Sony Xperia T LT30p running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or above versions.

• Windows Computer

• Install: Sony PC Companion (Sony PC Companion_2.10.108_Web.exe, 26.0 MB), Sony Update Service (Update_Service_Setup_2.12.13.28.exe, 40.4 MB) and 7-Zip.

• Download: rooting package (Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15.zip, 4.1 MB) to your PC.

• Charge your device’s battery fully or up to 70% so that it does not shut in between the process.

• Back up all your important data and files so that you don’t lose them during the process and you can do this with the backup app and then restore later..


1. Firstly, you need to tap on “Settings,” then “Developer Options” menu so that you enable the USB debugging option.

2. Extract the files from “Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v15.zip using 7-Zip” on your PC.

3. Next, you have to open the folder, the one in which you extracted the rooting files.

4. Now, double-click on the “RunMe.bat” so that the program runs and a tool window will pop up.

5. Using an USB cable, you need to connect your phone to your PC and once connected, you need to type 1 and press the Enter key to execute the script.

6. Here, you need to work according to the instructions displayed on-screen and this will appear on the tool window in order to finish rooting. Your phone may reboot twice.

Once you are done with the above discussed instructions, know that you have successfully rooted your Sony Xperia T LT30p.

DISCLAIMER: Note that you are following these instructions at your own risk and make sure that we are not liable for any damage caused to your device due to the instructions provided in this guide.

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