How to Root LGE G Slate on Linux Systems – Step by Step Tutorial

Sanjana December 12, 2011 0

People who own the LG G Slate powered by T Mobile can now root their device and operate their phone as per their wish.t mobile lg g slate It is to be noted that this process is to be applied by users running on Linux OS since they will require the ext4 file system lacking in Windows based computers. This procedure hasn’t been tested on Windows OS but you can well give it a try.


Keep a backup of all the user data in your tablet so that you can restore it in case any data gets corrupted or is lost during the rooting procedure. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update


Must Have:

NV Flash boot loader FlashSuper user Package

Steps to Root LG G Slate:

Step-1: Keep all four downloaded files in /v909 folder then open the terminal Windows and enter the following command cd~/v909.

Step-2: Power off your LG G Slate and connect it to the computer using the original USB Cable obtained at the time of purchase then type the command shown below.


An output will be displayed as “’0955:7820 NVidia Corp”  that will denote that the APX Mode has been successfully connected.

lg g slate

Step-3: Launch the Terminal window and enter the commands mentioned below. You need to be a little patient as this command copies up to 400MB.

./nvflash –bl bootloader.bin –getpartitiontable ptable.txt

./nvflash -r –read 8 system-orig.img

Step-3: Now enter the following commands

cp system-orig.img system.img

mkdir system

sudo mount -o loop system.img system

sudo cp su system/bin

sudo chmod 4755 system/bin/su

sudo cp Superuser.apk system/app

umount system

./nvflash -r –download 8 system.img

Step-4: Wait and watch till all data is copied to the tablet and after its done, type in the last command

“./nvflash -r –sync”.

Reboot the device by pressing the reset button under the sim card cover.

Thus you can successfully root your LG G Slate by following these simple steps mentioned above. If at any point of time you get stuck somewhere in between the updation process, repeat the whole process again from the start.

We won’t be responsible for any damage done to your device caused by updating the firmware that is unlikely to occur if you follow the instructions carefully word by word. So follow the above mentioned steps and have a safe rooting.

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