Tutorial to Restore Stock Firmware in Motorola Droid Bionic

Sanjana December 8, 2011 0

In today’s age of customization where a variety of backups are available for almost all types of smartphone, there arises adroid bionic logo grave need to create a backup of the default Stock ROM so that you can bounce back to the original Stock ROM whenever you wish to, by following a list of simple instructions mentioned in this article. The instructions will help Motorola Droid Bionic users who are always on the mission of testing or trying out new custom ROMs.

The finest part of this alteration process is that there are no disadvantages of any sort since it extracts the entire firmware image files stored in phone that in turn reassures that the phone can be restored back again to the official firmware. However it is important to note that this process to backup stock ROM can be performed on Windows based computers only since the backup tools don’t support Mac/Apple based computer systems.


Make sure that your device is completely charged so that it doesn’t die between the updation process. Keep a backup of all the user data in your phone so that you can restore it in case any data gets corrupted or is lost during the rooting procedure. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Must Have:

RSD Lite Package 5.5

Motorola USB Drivers (32 bit  and 64 bit )

Motorola FXZ Tool

Steps to Restore Stock Firmware of Droid Bionic:

Step-1: Download Motorola Drivers from the Must Have section and install them in your computer. Then install RSD Lite Package 5.5 in your computer and connect your Motorola Droid Bionic using the original USB Cable that you got at purchase time.  Be sure to possess the admin rights in your computer along with the full USB read / write access.

Step-2:  A Security Alert will be displayed on the phone screen and you ought to tick both the options to allow access for both instances to open up the application.

default stock firmware 1

Step-3: Open the downloaded RSD Lite Package 5.5 and click on “…” tab present just next to the file name option after which you will see a notification box.

default stock firmware 2

default stock firmware 3

Step-4: Look out for the downloaded FXZ File then select it and wait till the file finishes its processing. (In case you are unable to unzip the FXZ file after trying repeatedly then right click on executable file then choose “unblock” option.)  Now click on “uncompress and start flashing” tab while keeping the USB Cable from phone still connected to the computer.

Step-5: After flashing is performed, Droid Bionic will reboot into recovery mode then flash the Radio Image placed in the phone in the first step. Thus you have successfully backed up Droid Bionic image file of firmware type in your computer. It is to be noted that the backed up image file should be kept in secured location to ensure easy and safe access.

If you get get stuck anywhere in between the process, then you need to start the whole process again from the beginning. By following the above mentioned steps carefully you can successfully backup and restore the default Stock firmware in Motorola Droid Bionic . We are not responsible for any damage done to your device caused during rooting that is unlikely to happen if follow the instructions carefully.

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