Tips to Reset Motorola Droid via Software and Hardware Methods

Sanjana December 17, 2011 0

Do you own a Motorola Droid, the popular smartphone manufactured by Motorola? And already have this feeling that your phone is taking longer than usual to respond? Then it’s time to wipe your device clean to make it work faster with better response. Erasing everything from your device will remove all the chaos and confusion as well as improve its performance as it was, at the time of purchase. Usually this option come handy while selling your phone or when you give it to service center to make sure that your personal data doesn’t land in any stranger’s hands.

motorola droid

Basically there are two types of reset methods available:

  • Software Reset Method
  • Hardware Reset Method

Software Reset Method for Motorola Droid:

It is one of the easiest method to reset your Android smartphone and can be implemented even by a beginner.

Step-1: Navigate to Menu and click on Settings. Once you enter into your phone settings, click on Privacy option. You can now see various options to backup your data, restore and to even reset your data.

software reset droid

Step-2: Click on Factory Data Reset option and a new window will be opened to restore your factory settings. All data including Google Account, application data, downloaded system files and Android Market will get erased from your phone’s internal storage.

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Step-3: Select “Format USB Storage” and click on Reset Phone option. Now you will move on to the final step for confirmation and after that you won’t be able to recover anything from your phone. Click on Erase Everything to proceed.

software reset droid2

Your phone will restart automatically and it will ask to set up your Google Account as well as other settings that you had earlier set for the first time.

Hardware Reset Method for Motorola Droid:

Step-1: Power Off your Motorola Droid, take out the battery and re-insert it again.

Step-2: Open the keyboard on your phone and press x key while simultaneously pressing the Power button to Power On the phone. Keep holding both the buttons till you see a yellow triangle appear on the screen that implies that you are now in recovery mode.

Step-3: Press the Camera and Volume Up button simultaneously to get to menu options. Use the direction pad in your phone to select among the options available in the menu then tap on Format option.

So this is it. By following the above simple steps you can reset your device to ensure faster processing and better response.

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