Remove Unwanted Content From your Photos using TouchRetouch Android App

Sanjana November 23, 2011 0

Ever taken a breathtaking shot but later found something awkward that shouldn’t have been there? Or may be you saw a stunning landscape but there’s this random house in the background that you so wish it wasn’t there. OK then your wish has been granted because now you can remove anything that you wish not to be in the picture with TouchRetouch, an app that’s really easy to use and comes with an user-friendly interface.

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touchretouch logoTouchRetouch is developed by Adva Soft specially for devices running on Android 2.1 or later versions. It is a camera plus photo editing tool that brings Photoshop CS5’s context-sensitive fill to your smartphone. In other words it is a mini photoshop for Android Mobile phones.

Getting Started With TouchRetouch:

  • When you run the app, you have to choose from whether to take a fresh picture from your default camera app or to retouch a photo from your gallery.

touchretouch start screen

  • After having selected a picture from your existing gallery, you have to select at what resolution to edit the picture. There are many options depending on the size of the image such as Original, Low and so on.

touchretouch select screen

  • The application will load the photo and display a number of tools that are Lasso, Brush, Clone Stamp and Go, to let you retouch your photos. There are also some other buttons for miscellaneous actions such as Load Image, Undo, Redo, Info, Move, Eraser, Save.

touchretouch interface buttons

  • On tapping on the Info button, you are taken into the Info menu where you will find the applications Settings, Video tutorials, Help Section and Support Section. There are not much settings and they do not require much explanation.

touchretouch settings

The application offers two tutorials that is Basic and Advanced which are really very helpful for starters who want to learn how to use this app. You will find everything about the application in the Help menu where every button and feature is explained in detail. You can even get a history of retouching. Given below is an image that has been retouched and the result is pretty convincing.

touchretouch editing

So Android lovers having even the slightest interest in photography can check out this amazing app. TouchRetouch is available in Android Market and comes in two versions that is free and paid. The free version comes with ad-support while the paid version costs $0.99 without the ads.

View the video posted below to know more about this app

You can download the free and paid versions from here.

Download Free Version

Download Paid Version

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