Tutorial to Redeem Google Play Gift Cards by Device Play Store App

Christo October 8, 2012 0

Well, you must have come across the cycling news that Google is likely to give gift cards to the ones who make use of the digital goods of the Google Play Store. With the coming up of the new Wishlist, the Redeem functionality was rolled out with the new Play Store APK v3.8.15. However, the User Interface does not render it. No web interface was available for the redemption but going deep through the APK, it was made known that it was used to intercept calls to http://play.google.com/redeem.

What happens normally is, you cannot turn up or make the Redeem Activity happen in the app directly unless you hack, remove the stock app and install the re-signed hacked version but here is an easy way out for this. Follow the easy way instructions to successfully redeem a gift card.


1. Firstly, you need t install the Google Play 3.8.15 APK. For this, download the app to your device and install it as a regular app.

2. Now, you need to get the http://play.google.com/redeem link so that it opens up in the Play Store and not on your browser. The best way for this is to email the link to yourself and select Play Store while opening it.

3. When you are done, greet the Redeem page.

play store 1

4. Then simply, enter the code and press Redeem.

play store 2

5. With this, you can now spend the Play Store balance on digital goodies making some developers happy.

play store 3

Now, you can have access to the gift card code redemption in the Play Store before Google officially rolls it out.

Note: At the launch, Play Store gift cards are not going to be unveiled for the markets of UK and rest of the world outside the U.S.

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