Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting & Firmware Update

Sanjana November 27, 2011 0

Many users had enquired a lot about the general pre-requisites to be followed before firmware updation or rooting. Users are required to follow these instructions carefully before rooting or updating their smartphone with any custom ROM or Beta release. These instructions not only help in safe and secure updation but also avoid blocking of the phone. Here we have covered the detail list of pre-requisites to be followed by all users. There are two types of instructions one applicable for Stock users and the other for users running on Custom firmwares.

pre requisites

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Users on Stock (default) firmware / ROMs:

During the firmware updation process, all data present in the phone will get lost, so you have to backup all the data stored in the phone to restore it later. You can back up all your data with the help of some links mentioned below. I is to be noted that if you continue to proceed without this backup method mentioned below then chances of losing all your data is high.

  • Videos, Images, Video & Files etc – Copy to internal / External SD Card
  • Notes – Backup in mail so that you can restore manually
  • Internet & MMS Settings – Backup all settings from path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”
  • Call Log – Call Log and Restore
  • SMS Message – Use “SMS Backup & Restore app
  • Contacts stored in phone Memory – Sync with Gmail application
  • Make sure that you have a minimum of 75%  in your phone so that it doesn’t power off during the firmware updation process.
  • Your computer must have a minimum of Windows XP / Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system
  • You must possess the Admin rights of your computer. If you receive any error related to USB / Ports that means you don’t possess the Admin privileges so be sure to have the Admin rights before proceeding.
  • You should have the latest version of .NET framework in your computer along with the corresponding latest version of PC Suites for your devices that are dependent on different phone manufacturers. Installing PC Suites will provide all the drivers required to install the firmware in your phone.
  • Close all the PC Suites and Antivirus suites present in your computer as these tools tend to block the updation procedures since these are not official but the beta releases. In case you have installed any mobile tracker softwares then you have to uninstall it first else the configuration will get erased.
  • During rooting or firmware updation, the APN settings as well as MMS Settings also get erased so you have to back  them up manually. These settings are required for accessing internet and for sending MMS Messages. Both these settings can be backed up by following the path “Applications > Settings > Wireless and Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names”.

It is to be noted that this update is not valid for the phones that are network locked to the carrier until and unless specified in the article. It has been found that in spite of mentioning repeatedly users proceed to update custom firmwares thinking that it will unlock the device. If you still proceed with the updation, you will either update the firmware and keep the device locked as it is, or will completely block the phone for which we wont be held responsible.

Now let’s proceed into the instructions required for the users running on Custom Firmwares.

Additional Instructions for Users on Custom ROM Firmwares:

  • If any Voodoo components are installed in your phone then you have to remove all of them from the Recovery mode. In case you are unable to remove the Voodoo lag fix then disable them in Recovery mode from the advanced options.
  • Clear all the cache data present in Recovery mode. If you do not clear the cache data they will stay back and give rise to issues such as force close errors etc. after firmware updation or rooting.
  • If you have converted the file system from RFS to EXT4 then you have to convert back to RFS System for the new firmware to understand.
  • If you are running on any custom ROM then the rooting access will get cancelled and you have to root the phone again after applying the updation procedure.

Make sure that all the instructions mentioned above are followed carefully else there is high probability that you might end up blocking your phone or the firmware won’t get updated successfully. Thus you can easily back up all your data and restore them later on after you have rooted or updated the firmware.

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