Power Off Status Bar Notifications of Incoming Mails on Android Smartphone – Tips

Sanjana March 21, 2012 0

You often receive a number of mails from your favorite mail services such as the Google Mail or Yahoo Mail and so on. Android smartphones powered by Google, send you a notification at the top notification bar for each email that you receive. The noti

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fications are instant and users are notified for each email that they receive on their Google mail account.

android tips

This facility works for those cases when you get notified about any important mail instantly but if

there are a lot of spam mails then it becomes quiet annoying. For example users often receive lots of mails from facebook if someone commented on their pics, status update, birthday reminders and so on. It is pretty logical that one bear with all these mails in their Gmail account but notification in your smartphone for every small email is really irritating.

Here we have discussed some very simple tips that will help users to switch off the notification of incoming mails to their smartphones. Getting rid of notification mails from your Gmail inbox is quiet easy that can be

done by following the tips mentioned below.

Steps to Power Off Status Bar Notifications of Incoming Mails:

Step-1: Open the Gmail application from your Android smartphone. From your Gmail app, click on Menu then click on More button.

turn off notificatn status

Step-2: A few menu options will be displayed quickly, proceed to click on Settings.

turn off notificatn status 1

Step-3: In the Settings, click on the option of Account Settings then tap on the Gmail account that you want to stop receiving notifications from.

turn off notificatn status 2

Step-4: The settings for that particular Gmail account will be available there so scroll down to find the option of ‘email notification’. Uncheck it to stop receiving the notification as any email arrives in your status bar.

turn off notificatn status 3

Thus you can easily power off the status bar notifications of any incoming mails and thereby stop receiving notification mails from your favorite mail service to your Android powered smartphone.

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