Tips to Monitor Internal Memory Disk Usage & Save Space on Android Smartphone

Sanjana March 14, 2012 0

Owning an Android smartphone gives you the power to try out numerous applications along with the added advantage of customizations via Rooting or Firmware Upgrade. Thus it is a matter-of-fact that your smartphone takes a substantial amonut of time to respond. Here we will check out some simple tips on how you can scrutinize your internal memory disk usage and therby save space in your smartphone.

android sd card

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Steps to Monitor Internal Memory Disk Usage:

Step-1: First of all check the total storage space available in your phone. To find out the total space available in your smartphone, follow the path Menu > Settings and click on the option of ‘SD card and phone storage’. This will display the total size available in your phone, available space, unmounted SD card and internal phone storage available space.

internal memory usage 1

Step-2: Next navigate to Menu > Settings > Applications and Manage applications where you will discover the amount of memory used by each individual segments of your phone. Manage application classifies the memory usage of your phone depending on the amount of applications download, applications located in SD card and the number of applications running. However this doesn’t give the accurate statistics related to the total memory consumed by your SD card and by USB storage.

internal memory usage 2

Step-3: To achieve a better understanding of the disk space usage we suggest smartphone users to go with Disk Usage Android application. Disk Usage is an Android application that enables you to get a visual representation of the directories that consume internal storage memory. This application can be used both on Android smartphones and tablets and will display the size occupied by each directories on the disk where they are stored. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free.

internal memory usage 3

Step-4: After downloading the application, install it and open it with view selection as ‘App Storage’. Now tap on Menu > Scan to scan for the directories with their usage space. you can refer to the screen shot given below that displays the storage card usage on a Galaxy S2 smartphone.

internal memory usage 4

As you can observe, the total storage capacity is 11780 MB and it has 7854 Mb of free storage in the second column. The storage card usage, provides you a clear view of how much space each folder is consuming.

This application is really essential as it frees up the unused spaces in your smartphone and enables you to distinguish the application that consume much of your internal memory so that you can make alternative arrangements to move those applications to SD card.

The only thing missing here is the inability to move the

applications automatically to SD card from the internal

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memory. Well that’s not a problem anymore as you can install the App2SD Android application to move the applications installed in your internal storage, to SD card and reduce the load on your phone.

Thus you can follow the simple tips mentioned above and speed up the response time of your Android smartphone.

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