Korean Galaxy Note & Galaxy S2 HD Receive Android 4.0 Update on KIES

Sanjana May 28, 2012 0

Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 HD are the most popular and nursing papers powerful Android-based smartphones at present but they are yet to receive

a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich in many countries all around the world. We cannot neglect the fact that Samsung has made huge efforts to bring Android 4.0 updates to all important markets for the two devices in a timely manner.

galaxy note ics 1

But till now, Samsung have completely neglected their homeland, South Korea. And here comes the good news. Samsung has announced the release of ICS updates for Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 HD. The

original S2 and S2 LTE have got updated recently so almost all current high-end devices from Samsung now run Android 4.0,  ICS, all set to welcome Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S2 HD update is available on Kies 2.0 and users can download it right away. The new software package brings in a bunch of cool new features and functions such as Face Unlock or Android Beam along with a redesigned and more functional user interface and notable enhanced performance. Users can access the complete changelog from the official Korean website.

galaxy s2 hd ics

The Galaxy Note’s upgrade is not a conventional Android 4.0 ROM but is a special “Premium Suite” package that also consists of Face Unlock, Android Beam, a new and improved user interface, better performance along with a couple of special apps to enjoy the benefits of the Note’s S Pen. This update is also available on Kies, and its complete changelog along with specific details on how to perform the upgrade, can be found on Samsung’s official Korean support page.

Both the Galaxy Note and most of the S2 versions available in the US, including the HD LTE haven’t yet received the official ICS update and we have no news as to when will they roll out the updates but upgrades in Korea is definitely a good news. We will surely update you if we come across any fresh stuff.

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