iSpeech Obama and Bush Available in Android Market

Sanjana November 22, 2011 0

Ever imagined your own words uttered by the presiding president of US- Obama or your own funny thoughts said out aloud by Bush?? Well then you are just a click away from your imagination. These Android apps iSpeech Bush and iSpeech Obama let you type or speak any phrase and you can hear it aloud in the voice of Bush or Obama.

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ispeech obama ispeech bush android appiSpeech is a leading speech provider for mobile developers, and creator of award winning application It provides cloud solutions for text to speech recognition and speech recognition for any connected device or application. It combines Text To Speech(TTS) and Automated Speech Recognition(ASR) technologies with easy to use APIs and SDKs.

The features of these apps include:

  • You can type any text and hear it read aloud with text to speech in the voice of Obama or Bush
  • You can speak any phrase and hear it aloud with text to speech voice as the president.
  • You can share whatever the TTS voice says on SMS, Facebook and email
  • obama ispeechYou can download the free application that will let you get only the text input to voice. In case you want to use your microphone device to record something to translate it to speech you have to upgrade for $3.99. This purchase requires you to input your credit card information. The registration screen will request for user’s phone number so that you could use the SMS services which you can otherwise scroll to the bottom and select skip if you wish to opt of it. You can find the free and paid applications of Bush and of Obama . The current version running is 1.0.17 and it requires Android version 1.6 and up for its installation.
  • ispeech androidSo folks what are you waiting for??? Grab this app from Android Market and enjoy countless hours of fun as you type random things and have them spoken by the rulers of US. You can refer to the video mentioned below to know more about the game.

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