iOS Apps Crash more often than Android Apps

Sanjana February 4, 2012 0

Ever given a thought as to why some of your favorite mobile apps keep crashing so much? Being a smartphone user this certainly is a matter of concern adding on to the irritation also. Well turns out there are a variety of reasons. The first and foremost deciding factor is whether you are on Apple or on Android because according to latest reports iOS apps crash at a greater rate compared to Android apps. Believe it or not but its true.

A major reason for these app crashes is the expansion of mobile operating system on iOS and Android. Apple and Google have released a number of operating systems each with multiple updates thus app developers face difficulty as they have to test their apps on numerous operating systems. A new mobile app monitoring startup called Crittercism has found out that apps on iOS are more prone to crashes than Android OS. A large volume of data was compiled and broken down by OS version, apps and quartiles to provide a better representation of crashes. The result came out quiet astonishing for Apple fans as obvious it was for Android fans. The graph posted below depicts that there at least 17 Android OS and 22 iOS on which apps had crashed. Moreover there are more number of software versions of iOS than Android as you can notice that more than half of the pie chart is used by iOS versions.

android ios crash chart

The other reasons accountable for the crashing of apps are hardware issues such as the use of GPS services or cameras, internet connection or if anything happens during 3G and Wi-Fi switching, language support issues or problems related to memory that is, if any app consumes a lot of memory. Issues can also arise with the third party services that developers use in their apps ranging from analytics to advertising systems. For example some developers faced problem if they did not adhere to certain advertising standards.

Moreover developers frequently create new updates in their apps modifying certain features or fixing bugs. But users don’t update their apps like their OS. However Android enables users to auto-update their apps thereby removing some issues. With Android, developers can send an update to its code that shows up in real time thus updates are pushed faster. In case of iOS it can take days or weeks for an update to show up which indicates that there are chances of apps crashing down while updates are waiting to get implemented. Thus with Android, developers can immediately fix a bug if they get to know about it.

Crittercism provides crash reports to app developers with a wide range of data including the mobile device, OS used, the amount of time for which an app is loaded, when it crashes and how a user is holding a phone while it crashes. It can also estimate whether an app’s own code has caused it to

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crash or the third party SDK is causing the problem. Various companies rely on apps to run their business such as banks have mobile apps that allow depositing checks, sales people use apps in field etc. A large number of business oriented functions are now moving towards apps to assist them in their day-to-day lives.

Crittercism has also found out that even though Android suffers the most from fragmentation with its 33 different version of software being used, their numbers of app crashes are considerably lower as compared to iOS that has 23 versions of software being used. Taking both these platforms into consideration, apps crash at less than 1% that is pretty convincing.

app crashes

Shielding your apps from crashes is vital for both app developers as it is really essential for their apps to perform smoothly and for individuals that depend on them to run their business. Crittercism is drawing a large customer base to its platform as it has already monitored around 214 million app launches from November to December. If you are willing to ignore apps crashing Crittercism might be just the thing for you.

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