How to Install Updated Google PLAY Store v3.4.7

Sanjana March 10, 2012 0

Since the silent revolution of Android Market to Google Play, it’s time for another update. This new update of v 3.4.7 is a stable update and the best part about this fresh update is that all issues present in 3.4.6 version especially for Motorola users is fixed in this version. Google Play can be downloaded and installed in all Android smartphones and tablets and here we have come up with a simple tutorial on how to install the new 3.4.7 update of Google Play in your Android devices.

google play 1

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It is to be noted that you do not require to root your smartphone or apply any custom ROMs or firmwares to apply this update manually. This update can be applied even on stock / factory firmware versions.

Must Have:

Download Google Play v3.4.7 apk 

Steps to Update Google PLAY Store v3.4.7 in your Android Device:

Step-1: Download the latest Google Play v3.4.7 apk from the Must Have section to your computer. You can also download it directly to your phone from the Must Have section.

Step-2: After downloading is complete, connect the device to the computer via USB cable and copy the downloaded apk file to your device. Remove the connected USB cable from the computer after copying is over.

You can follow the step by step screen captures given below to update Android Market Place to the latest Google Play.

google play update

google play update 1

Step-3: Navigate to the path where you have placed the apk file with the help of file explorer and click on it to install it. Next click on the option of  “Open” to open the new Google Play.

Step-4: After installation is complete, you will be prompted to click on “Accept” button. In case you are prompted to choose the option of  “Unknown Sources” then

proceed to select it.

Thus you can easily update your smartphone’s Android Market Place with the latest Google Play v3.4.7 by following the steps mentioned above carefully.

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