Tips to Install & Dual Boot Mutiple ROMs in your Android Smartphone

Sanjana November 24, 2011 0

There’s good news for all those folks who like to try out new ROMs on their phone frequently. An app called BootManager lets users choose and install multiple ROMs on their Android smartphone at boot-up. Thus you don’t have to flash and reflash every time you want to try a new ROM. Users can install up to five ROMs in their phones that is four on their SD Card and one that is currently in use.

dual boot install4You require a rooted Android phone for flashing this app. Before you get into the flashing process, make a backup of your current ROM using ROM Manager or through recovery module, so that you can always restore things back the way they were from this backup if anything goes wrong.


You must backup all the user data present in your phone since chances of data loss or corruption are there. Having a backup will help you to replace the lost data if any damage occurs. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Steps To Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Your Android Phone:

Step-1: Download the ROMs of your choice that you want to install and save the zip file on your SD Card.

Step-2: Download Boot Manager and install it. After installation is complete, start up BootManager. You will be prompted to backup your boot.img.

dual boot install1

Step-3: Now move to “Install ROMs” and select the zip file containing the ROM you want to flash from your SD Card. Check all the three boxes that is Wipe System, Wipe Data and Wipe Cache and wait for a while till the process completes. After completion of the process, it will give you the option of booting into new ROM so tap on Done.

dual boot install2

Step-4: Most ROMs don’t come with Google’s copyrighted apps like Gmail, Android Market and others. Download the Google Apps zip file for the Rom that you have installed and navigate back to BootManager. Tap on “Install ROM” and select Google App’s zip file. Save it in the same slot used in step 1. Do not check the three “wipe” boxes this time just leave them as they are. You can now get to the original ROM with the Google apps installed by booting into that slot.

Users who know that their ROM come with the Google Apps installed can skip this step and move on. Just remember that while flashing a new ROM, check all three “wipe” boxes but while installing an add-on to a ROM don’t check any of them.

Step-5: Move to BootManager and select “Boot Installed ROM” . It now displays a list of the ROMs that you have installed in your device from which you have to choose one that it will reboot into ROM. BootManager can be installed on each of your other ROMs also. You can also boot into and switch back to your main ROM as long as you are signed into Android Market on that ROM.

dual boot install3

So this is it! Get flashing up to five ROMs at a time and never get bored by one measly OS. BootManager comes at a price of $2.99 for Android 2.1 and later versions. This app has been officially reported to work on Motorola Droid, Droid Incredible, HTC Thunderbolt, HTC Vision, HTC EVO 4G, HTC Inspire 4G, HTC Desire, and HTC Desire HD. It might work on other phones as well although it hasn’t been officially reported.

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