Tips to Increase the Speed & Performance of Silk Web Browser

Sanjana January 5, 2012 0

Amazon Kindle Fire is one of the best Android tablet devices since it houses some pretty good features even with the low price range that it comes in. As the saying goes bigger tablets are better in performance so it would be highly inappropriate to compare this tablet with the likes of Samsung Galaxy Tab and iPad. However you can still please yourself and make the best out of your Kindle Fire while you own it by making the device perform faster than the usual speed.

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One of the most frequent tasks that you perform on Kindle Fire is browsing the web but when its performance gets slow the whole purpose of owning a Kindle Fire is rendered useless. There are a few minor modifications required that could enhance the browser’s performance and the best part is these modifications are precisely within the Silk Browser Settings that is being used. Let’s take a quick glance at all the things to be done that we will be discussing in details:

  • Changing the View Mode
  • Disable Plug-ins
  • Disable Page Loading Acceleration

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Change view mode:

View Mode is one of the most important things to deal with since there are a lot of differences in the way sites are made for desktop and mobile viewers. Mobile sites are extremely light, simple to load and do not require any additional usage from the device for loading up. On the other hand desktop based websites that also open in tablet devices take up some of the plug-ins and thus the speed decreases. Thus you can change the View mode from normal Desktop view to Mobile view if you wish to. Open Browser and tap on “Menu” icon present at the bottom then tap on “Settings”. Now check the Advanced settings list to switch the View mode from the default Desktop view to Mobile view.

Disable Plug-ins:

Plug-ins consume memory as well as battery and are not usually required unless you knowingly try to open some content that require some plug-ins to work. Disabling plug-ins is one of the finest options to enhance the browser’s performance.

Disable Page loading acceleration:

Silk Browser has a feature called Page Loading acceleration that loads the web pages faster but slows down the performance in return since it puts some extra load on the Kindle Fire memory. Disabling Page Loading acceleration helps in increasing the browser’s performance.

You can check out the video posted below to know more on how to increase the speed and performance of Silk Web Browser

Thus you can increase the speed and performance of your Kindle Fire by following the above mentioned steps.

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