Tips to Import SIM Contacts to New Android Smartphone

Sanjana March 10, 2012 0

Android smartphone users know the fact that their handset is synced to Google Account for contacts. For those of you who have purchased a new Android smartphone for the first time, a hearty welcome to the world of Android. Moving all your contacts from your previous SIM Card to your new handset is unlike other smartphones since the contacts will be linked to your Google Account that is accessible anytime provided you have internet connection. Here we have come up with some easy tips to enable you to import your contacts stored in your SIM Card on to your new Android smartphone.

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You must possess a Gmail or Google Account setup on your phone to import your contacts to the new handset. When you first booted your phone, it might have prompted you to add a Google Account to your new Android phone and if you have provided it at that point of time, you need not

provide it again. If you haven’t yet added any Google Account in your smartphone then navigate to Settings > Accounts, click on Add Account and finally proceed to add your Gmail account.

Steps to Import Contacts from SIM Card:

Step-1: From your Android phone, navigate to Contacts application then click on Menu button. Select the Import/Export option then click on the option of  ”Import from SIM card”.

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Step-2: Next  it will prompt you to choose the contacts that you want to import as your Gmail or Google Account.

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Step-3: Now all your SIM card contacts will be saved to your Google Account that is it will get auto-synced to your Google Account.

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Step-4:  Add your Google Account on to your new Android smartphone and your contacts would get automatically synced. In order to view whether the contacts have been synced or not, navigate to Contacts from your phone and you are all set to get started.

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In case you don’t find any contacts then you have to modify the Display options from your contacts apps and then select Google Accounts. Thus you can follow the above mentioned simple tips to import contacts easily from your older handset to your new Android smartphone.

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