Tips to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Features on your Android SmartPhone

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Google recently launched the Android 4.0 version also known as Ice Cream Sandwich that is an update to their existing Android OS. A lot of improvements and a big list of enhancements are added to the Ice Cream Sandwich version thereby making it the most awaited Android version. Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the first ever smartphone to debut with the latest Android 4.0 version.

android 4.0 source code1

It would still take a few months before Ice Cream Sandwich update is available in your Android smartphones. However there are a few enhancements and apps available on web that can be added to your current mobile handset to make it look like the freshly released Ice Cream Sandwich model. These apps and tools come from the developers that help to add an all new makeover to your mobile phone. So lets take a look at some of these amazing apps that have the power to transform your Android handset to give it all new Ice Cream Sandwich look.

Tip 1- Ice cream Sandwich Font:

The Ice Cream Sandwich has a new native font named as ‘Roboto’ that is the derivative font of Sans Serif with sober improvements in roundness and spacing between the characters. The font gives much delight to read. This is how the font will look in Italic, Bold and other font changers.

roboto font 1

Unfortunately this Roboto font comes with the new OS thus majority of Android lovers would have to wait till the Android 4.0 update is available in their phone. But to everyone’s relief you can now test this font on your current Android phone by following the simple steps mentioned below.


To install Roboto font to your device you should first root it. Keep a backup of all the user data in your phone so that you can restore it in case any data gets corrupted or is lost during the rooting procedure. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Must Have:

Step-1: Download and install Font Changer app that helps to change your font easily.

Step-2: Download Roboto font zip package and unzip the file to your computer or laptop. Enter the password as Covering android .com if it prompts to enter you one.

roboto font

Step-3: Open The System > Fonts and copy all three .ttf files from the unzipped folder to paste them in your phone’s SD Card inside the “.fontchanger” folder.

Step-4: Open the app in your device and select font then reboot your phone.

roboto font 2

Thus by following the above prescribed steps you can install the Ice Cream Sandwich Font to your current handset.

Tip 2- Ice Cream Sandwich Theme Wallpapers:

You can now update your smartphone with the Ice cream Sandwich wallpapers with the help of Ice Cream Sandwich theme. The theme is available for free under Personalization category and comes with new graphics of your dock bar, wonderful 20 Android 4.0 wallpapers along with support for ADW themes.

The theme supports the following features:

  • Themed search widget
  • Honeycomb system icons with placeholder
  • New graphics for action bar
  • Wallpapers for a complete look
  • Go Launcher EX Theme support
  • ADW Theme support
  • Launcher Pro theme support restricted to icons
  • Support for  Folder Organization and Desktop Visualizer

ics wallpaper

This theme will replicate all icons of Ice Cream Sandwich and provide the genuine experience of how the new OS would look like. Download and install Ice Cream Sandwich Launcher theme (ADW Theme)  to run the application then tap on ‘Apply Theme’ to enable it. You can click on the option of ‘View Wallpapers’ to check which other walls come preloaded with this.

Tip 3- Mobile Data Usage and Limit:

Android 4.0 version introduced the concept of Data Usage in its OS that allows users to set data usage cycle so as to warn users consequently on how the data limit that they can operate upon. Thus this utility comes in handy when you are much concerned about your carrier data usage. The usage is noted down in terms of days, weeks and months and is a must have for users who opt for limited data plans in their mobile phones.

data usage

Well there’s nothing to worry about for people using Android’s previous versions since an alternative app for the Data Usage on Android 4.0 version is now available and can be set on any android smartphone. The app is named as ‘3G Watchdog’ and comes in two versions free and paid. The paid app is named as ‘3G Watchdog Pro’ at a cost of $4.

Tip 4- Ice Cream Sandwich Lock Screen:

The new Android 4.0 lock screen is a thing of splendor. The face recognition lock screen feature is simply awesome except for the fact that it is hard to obtain it on any other Android version except on Android 4.0. But still an app called Widget Locker  does the job of improving the lock screen so that you can remain contended with the modest lock screen for your current handset. The Widget Locker has a variety of additional features that are out of range for Gingerbread or Froyo versions of Android and gives you the true feeling of an authentic creative touch.

ics lock screen

Thus you can try out these apps and customize your phone to look like its running on Android 4.0 version. It’s time to try something different on your smartphone.

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