Ice Cream Sandwich Face Unlock Feature Compromised

Sanjana December 9, 2011 0

Among hordes of features that the new version of Android 4.0 popularly known as Ice Cream Sandwich offers, the ability to unlock one’s phone using one’s face is the talk of the day. Considering the market’s only example at present, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus inbuilt with Ice Cream Sandwich, uses its front facing camera to take a glance at your face. If your phone recognizes you, it automatically unlocks without the need for PIN code or any kind of graphical unlocking mechanism.

face unlock

The hype over this feature build up when it was discovered that facial recognition isn’t without its own drawbacks as during the Galaxy Nexus announcement this past October, this technology dint work. But what if the facial recognition works too good so as to recognize a face that isn’t a living, breathing user holding the phone? Creepy isn’t it?? For the record a blogger has been able to fool Android’s facial recognition system by just holding up a picture of himself that wasn’t even a printed picture of his face to a Galaxy Nexus. The blogger took a snapshot of himself using some other phone and held that phone’s screen up to the front facing camera on Galaxy Nexus. Guess what the Nexus got unlocked.

face unlock

The blogger has already clarified to all that the test and video is not a trick and even urged the public to try out the test for themselves. Though Google did mention the fact that Face Unlock is less secure than a pattern, pin or password as someone resembling you can unlock your phone. It is very similar to the process where you can slide to unlock and a little bit more secure even though not as secure as a password. Google should improvise on the Face Unlock and add some additional security measure like adding a password feature to company the picture or before accessing the pattern unlock, let the device verify with you. The device can give us options that you can just tap to speed up the process instead of typing in the password character by character. Check out the video given below to know more about.

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