Human Movement – the Future of Mobile Power

Sanjana February 2, 2012 0

Mobile phones have become a vital part of our day-to-day life. We use them for almost everything and anything these days. It’s become an indispensible part of our life and it’s impossible to imagine even a second without our precious phones. Enhanced connectivity technologies such as 4G enable people to stay on the move while they attend to their daily business. Thus mobile devices have become equal to the basic amenity of an individual whether you want to perform a reverse phone look up or browse through the apps or find the best deals for a product. You can do it all just at the click of your fingers. However the only fundamental component that most people never give a thought to, is the battery that powers the entire mobile technology.

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Battery is the only single component responsible for running these smart mobile phones and a longer battery life is always the first preferred among users worldwide. According to a research article published in “Nature Communications” human beings are the best source of power in nature. The article states that an average person while sprinting can produce around 1kilowatt of power. This amount of energy is more than sufficient to power a standard mobile device that people are using at present. Researchers and Technologists are now working on the ways to harness the power of kinetic movement. We use mobile phones for innumerable reasons and charge up their battery by lugging them into walls or via our computers but soon in the near future we will be able to completely disconnect from fixed power sources and switch to the kinetic energy produced by own body.

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Nanotechnology holds the first position and is receiving lots of attention but practical implementation is still quite a few years away. Different companies all around the world are presently working on developing various forms of movement based power sources. US Researchers are working on developing a technique that would enable people to power their devices through walking. Users would be able to generate electricity from easy motions and this approach wouldn’t be limited only to the device that is being used but would be placed inside the user’s shoe. The energy capturing device will produce energy from the

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moving micro droplets located inside your shoe then convert it into electrical current. This technology has already been used in a few smaller devices like watches and sensors but this would be an entirely new approach.

Similar powering devices exist but their practical implementation isn’t yet available but it is hoped that implementation of this power-generating device would be seen in the market in the days ahead. As touch-enabled smartphones grab the forefront of development, we expect to witness significant changes as companies insistently research the best way to power this upcoming device. Let’s hope it will lead us to a society that can finally become completely unplugged.

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