Google to Launch Android 5.0 Jelly Bean in 2Q 2012

Sanjana February 18, 2012 0

Implementation of the much hyped Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich has fallen short of everyone’s expectations. Market shares report a figure of just 1% for the adoption of Android 4.0 for which neither can you blame the manufacturers or Google. One of the main reasons cited for the poor adoption of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is that it required a set of some minimum hardware profile which could not be met by a majority of Android handsets. Well there is a piece of news for all those still waiting for Android 4.0 ICS version to be rolled out for their devices.

android jelly bean

Reports from Taiwanese news publication DigiTimes claim that Google might launch its next Android version that is Android 5.0 also known as Jelly Bean in the second quarter of 2012 that is during April or May. Jelly Bean is kamagra soft tab named as per the naming convention adopted by Google for its respective Android version. It’s been hardly four months since the launch of Android 4.0 ICS and Google is rushing in Jelly Bean due to two reasons. First is because implementation of Android 4.0 has failed to keep up with everyone’s expectations and second because Google wants to knock out Microsoft’s Windows 8 out of the market and thus earn the possibility to enter notebook and netbook markets.

With Android 4.0, Google had hoped to unify all Android devices since ICS was optimized for both tablets and smartphones. However Google’s expectation to avoid fragmentation in Ice Cream Sandwich is yet to happen. By releasing another enhanced version of Android, Google may possibly motivate both users and developers to swiftly and completely unite behind a particular Android operating system. Further Google plans to vastly optimize Jelly Bean for tablet computers to provide a competitive edge with the touch-friendly Windows 8 that Microsoft has planned for 2012.

Let’s take a look at some of the features in this rumored Android 5.0 Jelly  Bean version. First is the Chrome integration that we all have been waiting for. Google is yet to tap Chrome’s complete potential but Android Jelly Bean is all set to change the scenario. The recent release of Chrome Beta for Android 4.0 indicates that Google is finally ready to take Chrome OS seriously. If Android 5.0 Jelly Bean has to make Chrome work as a product, it will port Chrome OS to mobile devices, sync between desktops, smartphones and tablets. It has to take complete advantage of Chrome browser’s increasing array of games and productivity apps.

Second feature states that Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is expected to come with two different flavours that is Google and Microsoft. Brand vendors will have the following two options: They can choose to stay with Android 5.0 or add Android 5.0 to Windows 8 devices with the capability to switch between both the operating systems without the need to power off the computer. Jelly Bean is supposed to be announced at Google I/O Developer’s Conference where Ice Cream Sandwich was announced in 2011. Google I/O 2012 is scheduled to be held late in June 2012 at San Francisco. Let’s wait and watch whether Andy Rubin and company really expose Jelly Bean or it stays as a rumor.

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