Google Calendar Enhanced with Improved Notifications [Update]

Christo December 15, 2012 0

Google is planning to update its Google calendar by adding some extra helpful features with it. First, they are going to work with the calendar notifications, which enable users to aces directly to the maps and gets directions to your event. This new update brings new features like you can set the alert directly from the notifications tab and also you can set the reminder for the particular events.


In addition to the new improvements, the Google also added the ability to set quickly and easily the events on your calendar .if you want to go to an event then you do not have to navigate by clicking the daily pages. Once you update this new calendar, you can set a location while creating a new event. Although it is not that important but still it is a good feature, which may save your time in case you are setting an event and remainder.

The new updated calendar is come with excellent features but there are a few issues regarding this app on some HTC devices. The problems may be like no sounds in case you receive a notification, pictures and notes are being removed from your events and day and week views not working, which ruins the functionality of the apps at some extents.

For installing this app in to your device, you will have to download this app from the Google play store. Keep in mind that the new changes will not appear on the default Samsung calendar because it is not a manufacturer specific calendar. For avail this feature you will need an Android 4.0.3 or higher version of device.

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