Galaxy S3 Source Code for Multiple Regions Unleashed, Courtesy Samsung

Sanjana June 7, 2012 0

Samsung Galaxy S III has launched in more than 28 countries and as it continues to spread its awesomeness in more and more countries, Samsung has gifted the entire Android ecosystem with a really sweet present by posting the smartphone’s source code on the company’s Open Source Release Center website.

samsung galaxy s 3 official

Apart form the international GT-I9300 model, Samsung has also provided an updated source file for three additional models of Galaxy S3 released in other regions that are GT-I9300 MEA, GT-I9300 SEA and GT-I9300 models. For these three models you require to download an additional 1.2 MB of update. The file size of Galaxy S III source code is 180 MB which you can download from the official site.

You had enough time to wonder at the hardware of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Now with the release of source code you can try

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and modulate the smartphone’s software. The developer community can dive into the goodness of Galaxy S3 and begin developing to deliver some amazing creations. Samsung has always been an ideal example when it comes to giving developers and modders the tools to tweak with.

As the smartphone arrives in more and more users hands we can expect good things and plenty of ROM’s to eventually appear. The Korean company along with other leading manufacturers have proven that releasing the source code of their flagship smartphones will

not affect their sales. Users can also download the Galaxy S III source code from the Github link where a certain developer has already uploaded the unzipped source into three branches that is master, stock and stock_update1.

So folks what are you waiting for. Check out the source code of the most hyped smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S3 and get creative. Stay tuned for more updates on the Galaxy S3 and don’t forget to drop in a comment regarding the device’s source code.

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