Tips to Fix Download Mode & Recovery Mode Bug in Galaxy S GT I9000

Sanjana February 11, 2012 0

One of the most commonly faced problems by Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 users is the failure to enter into Download mode and Recovery mode that is mandatory before any firmware update. A number of Galaxy S users have experienced this issue but taking your smartphone to Samsung’s service centre will not help as Samsung doesn’t allow you to flash your device with the firmware of your choice.

samsung galaxy s i9000

Well Galaxy S users need not panic as this is a normal problem and we have come up with a simple tutorial on how to fix this much needed problem. Many users are unable to enter into Download or Recovery mode using the three button combinations and are thus barred from trying out various custom ROMs and other leaked firmwares.

We wont be responsible for any harm caused to your device during the fixing procedure that is unlikely to happen if you follow the instructions carefully. The fixing procedure is not recommended for basic users but is for advanced users and is only applicable to Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 smartphones that are network unlocked. Do not apply it in any other I9000 models or in any other device as it might not be reversible and may harm the device by blocking it.


You ought to backup all the user data present in your phone since chances of data loss or corruption are there. Having a backup will enable you to replace the lost data if any damage occurs. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Must Have:

Download Odin

Steps to Fix Download Mode & Recovery Mode Bug in Galaxy S:

Step-1: Install ADB in your smartphone and enable USB Debugging Mode in your phone from the path “Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging”. Make sure to tick the option of USB Debugging.

enable usb debugging

Step-2: Without plugging in the USB cable, type *#0228#  in the phone dialer and make sure that the Voltage value is minimum 3800 (mV). Removed your SIM and external microSD card then download Odin from the Must Have section followed by the Modified SBL tar file. If prompted to enter any password give the password as

Step-3: Connect your device to the computer via original USB Cable obtained at purchase time then click on PDA tab and select the SBL tar file that you have downloaded. Uncheck the option of “Repartition” and check the option of  “Phone Boot loader Update”. Do not select other options like Phone, CSC, Dump or any other options as it might completely mess up your mobile that might eventually lead to blocking your device.

Step-4: Open the terminal or command prompt and navigate to the location where you have installed ADB. Next enter the command mentioned below

“adb reboot download”

Now your device will enter into Download mode so take care not to remove the connected USB Cable as it might cause serious damage to the device. The “ID:COM” block will turn yellow and if it doesn’t turn yellow, you need to repeat the entire procedure again till the block turns yellow.

galaxy s update

Step-5: Tap on “Start” button in Odin and wait for the entire process to complete after which your phone will automatically reboot. After the phone reboots you can now check that the Download and Recovery mode in your  Galaxy S will work  fine. Generally this problem is encountered in some of the batch phones though most of the handsets are okay and don’t require the above procedure for activating the Download and Recovery mode.

reboot system now

Thus you can activate both the Download and Recovery mode by following the simple steps mentioned above carefully and proceed to install the latest firmwares in Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.

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