Tips to Find Android Device OS Version & Build Number

Sanjana March 15, 2012 0

More than 50% of smartphones are now powered by Android operating system from the house of Google. The bet feature of this OS has been its open source feature that has gone through various development stages and has been upgraded from time to time. Since its launch as Android 1.5, it has gone through infinite smaller version updates to arrive at the recent ICS Android 4.0 version.

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Users often find

difficulty in finding out the Android version and build number of their smartphone during the process of customization or rooting. There are various ways to find out the Android version of your smartphone such as browse the web for your mobile phone specifications and so on. However the easiest way to find out the Android version is to navigate through your smartphone’s settings. Here we have come up with some simple tips that let you discover the Android OS version of your smartphone.

Tips to Find Out Android OS Version:

Step-1: Click on the Menu button in your smartphone and among the various options, click on the option of Settings. This  option lets you edit a number of other settings such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Virtual Private Network, Mobile networks, APN Settings and many more in your smartphone. Every smartphone displays a variety of options but usually only the important ones are present. Below is the screenshot from Galaxy S II smartphone following the procedure of clicking on the Menu button.

find android versn

Step-2: From the various options listed, click on the option of About Phone that will give you access to find information on your phone.

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Step-3: When you click on it, you will receive various details about your smartphone that includes roches xenical the model number, Android version, Baseband version, kernel version and the built number. Here our requirement is to find the Android operating system version which you can find it here.

find android versn 2

Thus you can easily find out the Android version and build number of your smartphone by following the simple tips mentioned above.

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