Facebook Messenger App Updated with Read Receipts & Location Features

Sanjana May 9, 2012 0

For those of you who cant resist hopping onto Facebook, there is a Facebook Messenger app that enables users to converse with your Facebook friends, without the usual distractions. In order to become the most used messaging platform, Facebook has released an update for its Facebook Messenger app for both Android and iOS.

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The update is likely to sharpen the competition between Android and iOS in terms of the app’s looks and functionality. The updated Facebook Messenger app includes several features that is enough to provide tough competition to the likes of BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage as well.

The updated Messenger application now includes a Read receipts feature that enables users to check whether the messages that you have send to your friends have been read or not. As this feature works both ways so you can no longer lie about not receiving or reading messages from people you have actually

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been ignoring. After the recipient has taken a look at the message, the word “seen” appears beneath the message. This functionality also works while sending group messages and the name of each individual person that has reviewed your group messages is ticked off.

Besides the Read receipts feature, there is now a real-time typing indicator that displays the name of the person who is typing a text to you. In

the app’s previous version, the real-time typing indicator displayed a series of three dots to indicate that a response was forthcoming. This feature also works in group-messaging situations.

The updated Messenger application also displays your location to your friends, by utilizing the specific GPS coordinates. You can now view the place from where the messages were sent directly on the main home screen. Previously users had to click into a different screen to access the information.

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These changes have certainly improved the previous

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iterations of the app but nevertheless they also diminish the privacy levels of the users. Even if you power off the location feature, the message receipt feature can never be powered off at all. Your friends can still check out if you have read their messages or not.

You can download the Facebook Messenger app from the Google Play Store for free. To download it directly to your smartphone, visit the app’s page and simply hit on the Install to begin the download and installation process. The updated version of this app is 1.7.002 and it requires Android version 2.2 and up to operate.

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