Tutorial to Enable ADB in Amazon Kindle Fire

Sanjana December 7, 2011 0

To customize your Kindle fire you will have to enable ADB in it. There are two methods to enable ADB that is Express Method and Traditional Method. After installing ADB in Kindle Fire you can easily load the applications of your choice and you can even load Android Market along with other features like installation of custom ROM, Rooting process and so on.

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Keep a backup of all the user data in your tab so that you can restore it in case any data gets corrupted or is lost during the rooting procedure. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Steps to Install ADB by Express Method:

Step-1: Connect your Amazon Kindle Fire to the computer that has a full USB Read / Write access. Now go to the path “Start > Programs > Accessories >Command Prompt”. You can also go to the command prompt directly by using the shortcut key “Win + R”, then enter the string as “cmd” and press enter to start command prompt in your computer.

Step-2: After entering into command prompt, enter the command line as shown below. You won’t be able to copy the command but will have to manually enter it.

Echo 0*1949 >> “%USERPROFILE%\.android\adb_usb.ini

Step-3: Tap on Enter and check if the device is connected to the computer. It will add Vendor ID (O*1949) at the end ofUsers\%your_user_name%\.android\adb_usb.ini file so that Android SDK tools can communicate with the connected Kindle Fire powered by Amazon.

Step-4: At the end of the above process, enable the “Unknown Sources” option present in the Settings so that you can load other applications.

Thus by following the above steps you can install ADB in your Kindle Fire. In case you fail to install then you can check out the second method given below.

Steps to Install ADB by Traditional Method:

In case you are unable to install ADB by the above process, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the link below.

How to Install, Set up and Use ADB for Android Devices

After you have finished with the instructions mentioned in the above link proceed with the steps mentioned in “Method 1” above and get ADB installed in your Kindle Fire.

Thus you can successfully enable ADB without any complications on Amazon Kindle Fire. We wont be responsible for any damage done to your device while updating the firmware that is unlikely to occur if you follow the instructions carefully as mentioned in this post.

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