Tips to Download Unsupported Files with Android Browser

Sanjana December 6, 2011 0

There are certain files that cannot be downloaded from your Android Browser and thus you cannot perform certain operations on your phone. The files that are not supported by your Android smartphone won’t get downloaded from Internet. Similarly if your phone does not support XHTML file then you can’t download it either. A variety of file formats exist on the web that might be required at a certain point of time and what’s the point of using a smartphone if it doesn’t come handy when needed.

unsuppoted files download

It’s not that your Android phone doesn’t support unsupported files download, you just have to adjust your browser. You should have Astro File Manager Android application in your mobile phone. The Astro File Manager is an application that lets you organize pictures, music, videos and other files on your phone. Besides that it also features file or application backup, image and text viewers, thumbnails, task manager and attachment, downloader. This is one of the top rated apps with more than 20 million downloads and the best part is it comes for free.

Must Have:

Astro File Manager Android application

Steps to Download Unsupported Files with Android Browser:

Step-1: Download Astro File Manager from the Must Have section to your mobile phone. Navigate to Astro File Manager page from your phone and tap on Install to install the application automatically.

Step-2: Open the Astro File Manager then tap on Menu button and click on More.

unsupported files download 1

Step-3: Go to Preferences to find Enabled Browser Download option and be sure to check it. After the option is checked you can download any unsupported file formats from Android phone Browser.

unsupported files download 2

Thus you can follow the above simple steps to download any sort of unsupported file formats from your Android phone Browser.

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