Download S-Voice APK – Siri like App for Voice Commands on Android

Sanjana May 21, 2012 0

The all new Samsung Galaxy S3 has been designed for humans, getting inspired from nature. It has a bunch of viagra next day amazing new features that can be ported to other Android devices pretty easily all thanks to Android’s open source nature. Here

we will check out on how to run and install a certain interesting Android app called S Voice in your Android smartphone.

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S Voice Android app responds to the user’s words. You can tell it to wake up, answer or even click a pic. In other words you can term S Voice to be a micro version of iPhone’s Siri. Let’s get started with the detailed procedure on how to install S Voice application in your Android smartphone.

Steps to Install S Voice in Android Smartphone:

Step-1: Download S Voice Zip Package to your computer and extract it to get “Voicetalk.apk”. Connect your smartphone to the computer and place the downloaded APK file in your device’s internal memory. Make sure that your smartphone is connected in the Mass Storage Mode.

Step-2: Presuming that you have a default or third party file manager in your smartphone, go to the S Voice APK placed in your smartphone and click on it to install it by following the on screen instructions. In case the File manager does not get installed in your smartphone, you have to install it from the the Google’s Play Store.

s voice 1

s voice 2

Step-3: Open the option of “My Files” or “File explorer” from your smartphone and click on the APK file named as “Voicetalk.apk” to install it. Next click on the option of “Open” to begin the S Voice app. After the installation is done, you will be prompted to

click on the “Accept” button. If you are prompted to select the option of “Unknown Sources” then do it.

s voice 3

s voice 4

You can also follow the on screen instructions to install S Voice in your Android smartphone with the help of above interactive step by step screen captures. Thus you can easily install the latest S Voice application in your Android smartphone by following the steps mentioned above. We still have no clue as to when will the official version of S Voice app be released in the Google Play Store but we will be sure to update you when it


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