Motorola Droid 2 – How to Downgrade to Official 2.3.20 Firmware

Sanjana January 3, 2012 0

Are you the proud owner of a Motorola Droid 2 handset but already messed up your precious smartphone by installing some alpha, unstable firmware or custom ROM firmware? How you wished you could go back in time and bounce to the original default firmware. Well this New Year seems to bring all the good things with it since here we are with just what you exactly need.

Yes in this article we have covered the detail procedure on how to get back to your original firmware that is the default stock firmware. Before going through the procedure you have to confirm that you are running on 2.3.20 firmware build. If you are running on any newer builds then you need to revert back to the older version as this rooting procedure only works on firmwares running on or before 2.3.20 version.

We wont be responsible for any harm caused to your device during the updation procedure that is unlikely to happen if you follow the instructions carefully. The updation procedure is only applicable to Motorola Droid 2 smartphones that are network unlocked so do not try it in any other devices as it might not be reversible and will harm the device by blocking it.


Backup all the user data present in your phone since chances of data loss or corruption are there. Having a backup can help you replace the lost data if any damage occurs. Do not back up the data via PC Suites as it may or may not detect the device after the update. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Must Have:

Download RSD Lite ToolDownload Motorola Drivers 32bitDownload Motorola Drivers 64bitDownload 2.3.20 Firmware

Steps to Downgrade Firmware of Motorola Droid 2 to Official 2.3.20 build:

Step-1: Download all the tools mentioned in the Must Have section to your computer. After downloading is complete, first install RSD Lite Suite then install the respective Motorola Drivers.

Step-2: Power off your Droid 2 handset to boot into boot loader mode. The boot loader can be entered by holding the Up Arrow on the keyboard and Power button. In boot loader mode, connect your phone to the computer using the USB Cable then open the RSD Lite tool in your computer.

Step-3: Tap on “ “ button that is present next to the file name box and choose the 2.3.20 firmware .sbf file. Now click on “Start” and wait for the device to flash. It will take about 20mins for the firmware to flash and after flashing is done, the device will reboot and will again land in boot loader mode.

Step-4: Now pull out the battery and again turn it on while holding the X button and when you see the Android Triangle and exclamation mark, press the Search button on keyboard. The device lands in factory recovery image now.

Step-5: Using arrow keys on keyboard move around and press the Camera button or OK button on keyboard to select. Next choose the options of wipe data/factory reset then select the option of “Reboot system now”.

Thus you can easily downgrade the firmware version on your Motorola Droid 2 with the stable 2.3.20 firmware by following the above mentioned steps.

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