Tips to Customize Froyo to Look like Ice Cream Sandwich

Sanjana November 23, 2011 0

With the recent launch of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) that is Android version 4.0, a lot has been happening in the Android sphere lately. In addition to all the great features of Android’s previous iterations, ICS includes a flood of new ones. Today we will stick to ICS’s fresh new look and amazing slick theme and find out how to customize your Android handset running on Froyo 2.x to make it look like its running on Android 4.0. So folks what are we waiting for lets get started.

ice cream sandwich


You must backup all the user data present in your phone since chances of data loss or corruption are there. Having a backup can help you replace the lost data if any damage occurs. Follow the link posted below to backup and restore all your data easily.

Pre Upgrade Instructions for Rooting and Firmware Update

Steps To Customize Android Froyo:

Step-1: You need to download the relevant icons, necessary apps, wallpapers and docks as mentioned below.

  • Go Launcher (It provides great theming capabilities with the most cutting edge features)
  • Roboto Font (For Advanced users only to flash with CWM).

After you have finished downloading the above files, connect your phone through USB and copy the files to your phone.

Step-2: Tap on the menu button of your device to choose “Theme” and select the Ice Cream Sandwich that you have just downloaded. Now tap on and hold onto the first clock icon and select replace and then select “Theme’s icon”. Find the icons that you had copied earlier and choose the icon relevant to the shortcut you are editing. You need to do this for the rest of your dock icons also.

froyo app1

Step-3: Now lets move on to editing your actual desktop. Inorder to add a widget, long-press any empty space on the homescreen and a dialogue box will show up. Select “widget” from the dialog box and you will now see a list of widgets. Look for the one titled “Ice Cream Sandwich Clock” and select it to be on your home screen. Long press the clock and drag it to the middle of the screen so that it will get locked at the center position.

Step-4: To add shortcuts to your homescreen, long tap on any empty place on the homescreen and select “Application”. Tick on the boxes that correspond to the Apps you want to add to your homescreen and click OK. To change any icon, long tap on the particular icon and a dialog box will appear similar to the one above. Choose “Theme’s Icon” and select the theme you want.

froyo app2

Step-5: Your home screen would have already started taking shape by now. Click on “Menu” and navigate to “Preferences”. Next select “App Icon Labels” then “Show Labels” for transparent background. This will give your text the required ICS effect.

froyo app3

Step-6: Finally choose your wallpaper by long tapping anywhere on the empty home screen and select “Wallpaper” then select “Ice Cream Sandwich” and choose the one that appeals you the most. Incase you have installed CM7 and running it, navigate to “Theme Chooser and select it. Now boot into ClockworkMod and flash it for the font.

froyo app4

There you go! Your homescreen is now transformed to the coolest design around and you can have all the fun of fooling people with your new Ice Cream Sandwich display.

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