Tips to Convert YouTube Videos into Free Ringtones in Android

Sanjana December 1, 2011 0

You can easily browse through various websites to choose among a variety of ringtones for any sort of cell phones. Search in Google to find free ringtones sites or choose any of your favourite sites. Sites like Zedgd, Phonezoo, Mobiles24 offer a variety of ringtones to be downloaded for free so that they can be uploaded by users in their handsets. Almost all ringtones are available in those sites but there might be some audio or video that you exclusively fancy and wish to make it as your customized ringtone.

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Its easy to customize an audio file and use it as a ringtone but in case of video, you need to first extract the audio from it and then proceed with the essential audio frames cuttings. So here we will go through the simple steps on how you can make a ringtone for your cell phone from the particular Youtube video that you fancied.

Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files:

The basic step is to download a video from YouTube and convert it into audio file. Looking at the popularity of MP3 format, we will now go through the procedure on how to convert the YouTube video to MP3 file directly.

Step-1: From your computer, browse through YouTube and select the video file that you want to convert. You can select any video since there is no particular requirement on which video will work.

Step-2: Copy the YouTube video URL and paste it on site else you can also open your phone browser and perform the required operations. The name of the site itself indicates that it converts your given video link to the required output that is MP3 file. Tap on “Convert” to start conversion.

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Step-3: You have to wait for the process to complete since it takes some time to convert and once it’s done you will come across the option “Click here to download your converted file”. Tap on it to download the MP3 file in your hard drive.

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Step-4: Now you might want to trim to cut certain sections or edit a particular segment of the audio to remove, thus you can make use of Sony sound Forge or Audacity software to trim and edit your converted MP3 file. Audacity is a free open source platform to edit audio files so it is most recommended.

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Using the MP3 as your Android Ringtone:

After you are done with editing the MP3 file you can use it as a ringtone in your android phone but for that you need to copy it to your phone’s SD Card slot or to the internal memory.

Step-1: Connect your phone to the computer and create a folder named as ‘ringtone’ in the root of your SD Card’s directory.

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Step-2: Copy the edited MP3 file into the ringtone folder and set the MP3 file to be used as ringtone in your Android phone.

Step-3: Navigate to Menu option > Settings > Sound Settings > Phone Ringtone to select the new ringtone and change your current ringtone. This setting is quiet similar for almost all Android smartphones.

Thus you can set your favorite ringtones in your Android powered smartphone by following the above mentioned simple steps.

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