Chrome Beta for Android 4.0 Launched by Google

Sanjana February 15, 2012 0

Previously in 2008 Google had released Google Chrome to the public that featured the three corner stones of any good browser that are speed simplicity and security. As time rolled by, currently its own web market was stuffed up with games, apps and extensions. In the past three years Google Chrome’s popularity has sped past Firefox and Safari to grab the second position in the web browser market share while Internet Explorer continues to retain the first position.

chrome beta android

In late 2010, Google circulated around 60,000 Cr-48’s Chromebooks that were entirely run on a modified Google Chrome known as Chrome OS. As time rolled on Google Chrome reached the mobile market and on February 7th Google introduced Chrome Beta for Android. Chrome Beta for Android is very much similar to the Chrome which you have in your computers. To be more specific Chrome Beta follows the three cool S’s.


Chrome has always been known for its roaring fast web browsing capabilities. The Android version of Chrome will consist of an “Omnibox” that is a term used to describe Chrome’s custom address bar. It combines bookmarks, browsing history, url’s, search terms, apps, and a lot more all into the same bar. Chrome for Android will also stuff instant search terms and the ability to preload webpages. While testing the app in Galaxy Nexus, Chrome shoots out results even before one could finish typing. Thus compared to the other stock browsers, Chrome definitely loads webpages faster.


The moment you open Chrome, the content dominates your screen. Omnibox takes up only about 1/4 inches of the screen and those of you familiar with Chrome know that all of your open tabs lie above the omnibox . In order to maximize your screen Google has taken away the standard tab system and in its place is a very cool swiping feature similar to a deck of cards. The gestures are delicate, fast, and work with infinite amount of tabs.


Google’s has pushed the syncing capability that is the ability to sync between your computer and Android phone or tablet to let you feel your “personalized Chrome experience”. Upon signing in, you can

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avail the following features:

  • View open tabs: Any tab that you have opened in your computer or in other Chrome device is automatically pushed to Chrome Beta.
  • Sync bookmarks: Any bookmark saved locally in your Android device or on another computer is accessible through your Google account.
  • Obtain smarter suggestions: Like Google Instant, Chrome Beta boasts of auto complete that lets you spend as much less time as required while typing.

chrome beta android

Download: Chrome Beta is designed to suit specific screen sizes and is therefore available for a selected number of devices only. You can download Chrome Beta from Android Market free of cost if you are running on Android 4.0 or higher versions.

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