Tips to Charge Galaxy Nexus Faster by Force AC with Kernel Patch

Sanjana March 7, 2012 0

Battery Charging has always been a thing of concern among smartphone users around the world. However all thanks to developers who have come up with a brilliant alternative for Samsung Galaxy Nexus users which on applying on the smartphone will not only increase the battery life marginally but will also charge the device faster than before.

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A senior developer has rolled out a patch for Samsung Galaxy Nexus developers that will facilitate Force AC Charging that will charge your Galaxy Nexus smartphone rapidly. End users who need a quick charge or just have a few minutes in hand to plug-in their devices would particularly benefit from this patch. This patch is not officially recommended by Samsung or Google but is brought out by some third party developers. The patch is to be placed in the Kernel before it is compiled so average users are not advised to try this unless they can compile their own Kernel.

All batteries usually charge within the range of 0 – 70% but unluckily owing to a number of reasons related to software or firmware files, the battery charging time becomes very high. But this Kernel enables you to toggle the charge faster. It also works for MHL, and will most likely to be confined by the MHL adapter itself. However with a little bit of modification to the MHL adapter using splice in an additional charge in addition to this mod, developers were able to charge at ~600-700 mA while mirroring and streaming.

Till now there is no flashable zip file or any direct patch installation file for normal end users . So if you end up running a kernel with this patch applied, there is an application that you would have to use to enable Force AC charging. The application is called IncrediControl v1.5 beta3 and it is free of charge, but Force AC doesn’t work without it. Nevertheless there are many techniques to increase the efficiency of any smartphone such as custom ROM firmwares and so on.

Android developers can follow the steps mentioned below to have it working.

Step-1: Download IncrediControl v1.5 beta3 from the Latest Downloads section.

Step-2: Under the general tab, tap on the option of  ”Force fast charge”, then apply.

Step-3: Now place your phone on the charger and your smartphone will now get detected as AC if and only if the charger can put out more current than it was previously limited to that is more than 500mA. You can use the additional current. It is to be noted that there will be force close error when the charge is toggled that is being worked upon.

Lets hope that developers come out with this kernel for normal users and this technique extends to other Android smartphones as well.

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