Tips to Change the Operator Logo of your Android Smartphone

Sanjana March 16, 2012 0

Almost everyone might have used a Nokia phone and one of the noticeable attribute was the Operator Logo. Many users might have thought about changing the Operator Logo to their name or any other name other than the actual operator. Well guess what, we have come up with some simple tips that will let

you change the Operator Logo of your Android smartphone.

change operator name

It is to be noted that in order to change the Operator Logo of your phone, you have to root your phone since the third party app needs to access the system data to make the changes required. The Operator Logo change method will not work for un-rooted phones.


  • Your phone should be rooted
  • Minimum charge should be > 20% so that the phone successfully reboots
  • Do not use any special characters as it will be used in an xml file. For example a double quote sign will break the file

Must Have:

Download Operator Logo Changer APK file

Steps to Change the Operator Logo of your Android Phone:

Step-1: Download the APK file of Operator Logo Changer from the Must Have section to your computer. After downloading is complete, connect your smartphone to the computer via original USB Cable and copy the downloaded APK file to your phone. Remove the connected USB Cable after you are done with copying the APK file.

Step-2: Locate the app that you placed in your smartphone named as “Carrier_Name_1.2.apk”. Open it and follow the on-screen instructions to install this application.

operator chng

Step-3: It will take about a minute to install the application in your phone. Here it may prompt you for the Super user access request. So grant it by clicking on the option of “Allow”.

Step-4: After the application is installed, open the application called “Carrier Name”. Next enter the name that you wish to display in place of your default Operator Logo like we have entered “CoveringAndroid” in the screen shots below.

Step-5: After entering any name, select the option of “OK” after which you will be prompted to back up the current or default operator name. Click on “Ok” > “Reboot” located at the bottom right portion of the screen of “Carrier Name”. When the phone is reboots, you will find that the operator name has changed.

Thus you can easily change the default operator name to any other name by following the simple tips mentioned above carefully.

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