Change Message Input Language in Android Smartphone – How to Tips

Sanjana March 21, 2012 0

It’s good to know that smartphone users can text in their respective native

languages. English is the most widely used language when it come to texting but you can a also text in languages other than English such as in Dutch, Chinese, French, Portugu

ese, Spanish, Bengali, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Mexican English and a long list of other languages supported by your smartphone.

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15 % of overall people in the United States speak Spanish and Mandarian is among the top spoken language in the world surpassing English. All these facts clearly indicate that people are not just based on the languages used commonly all over the world but have diversified languages. The Android platform has been developed keeping this in mind and to make consumers happy.

Multiple language support in messages were included from Android 2.2 Froyo along with a number of major exciting features for users. Users can add multiple languages from the Android keyboard and switch from multiple languages through settings. When any user sets a particular language it will change the keys and suggest dictionary automatically by itself. Here we have come up with some easy tips that will enable smartphone users to change the input language as per their requirement.

Tips to Change Message Input Language in Android:

In Android smartphones you have the option to type a message in your preferred language. Follow the steps mentioned below to change the input language settings.

Step-1: Navigate to Messages folder and click on the option of ‘Create a New Message‘. Now move towards the message body and click on Settings tab.

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Step-2: The keypad settings will be displayed so proceed to click on the option of ‘Input Language‘.

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Step-3: You will be provided with the list of language supported. Un-tick or tick the languages that you wish to compose your SMS messages in.

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Step-4: Click on the option of Ok after you are done. Come back to the compose section of your message and enjoy texting in your desired language :-)

Thus you can easily change the message input settings in your Android powered smartphone by following the simple tips mentioned above.

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