Change Default Ringtones, Sound Notifications, Alarm Tone on Android Devices – How to Tips

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One of the best features of Android operating system is that it is an open source platform. An open source platform allows anyone to design or modify

the source program for free. All smartphone users love to change the default ringtones and sounds of

their smartphone. There are heaps of option in Android smartphone itself with the ability to change the default ringtones, notifications, screen lock sounds and many more.

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One of the basic method that any Android users would opt for while searching for ringtones is browsing through the Google Play Store or even browse for it through the web. Here we have come up with some simple tips that will enable users to save their favorite ringtones and apply them as their Gmail notification alert, message ringtone and personalized ringtones as well.

Steps to Choose Default Ringtones on Android:

If you own an Android smartphone then, regardless of the version or manufacturer, you can change the ringtone settings by following the steps mentioned below.

Step-1: From your smartphone, navigate to Menu > Settings > Sound.

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Step-2: In the Sound section, you will discover two categories of ringtones that is phone ringtone and notification ringtones. If you click on each of them, a list of pre-installed ringtones will be displayed on your screen. These ringtones come by default and are same in all the Android smartphones.

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Step-3: While making selections, you press on a ringtone it is automatically played. It’s a good thing that we get to know what kind of sound it offers before selecting another one and thus helps us to choose the right ringtone. The notification tone selection will look like the image given below.

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Step-4: After you have selected your notification sound, click on the option of Ok to apply it and thus change the default ringtone of your Android smartphone.

Steps to Change Alarm Tone:

The alarm tone set by default on your Android smartphone is really annoying and here is the procedure to change it.

Step-1: Navigate to Clock option in your smartphone and you will automatically be escorted to the Alarm option.

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The Alarm option will look like as shown in the image given below.

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Step-2: After having an alarm set on your smartphone, click on the Alarm option to be under its settings.

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Step-3: Go to Alarm tone and click on it. You will get the options to select the alarm tone, browse for sound or to go to my files folder. Browse through the folder and choose the tone that you want to apply as your ringtone. After selecting any one click on the option of Ok button to apply it.

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You can also customize the sound of notification alarm that is located just above the alarm tone option.

Steps to Change the Message Notification:

After dealing with the sound notifications you can now proceed to change the message and email notifications by following the procedures below

Step-1: Open the Message folder and click on Menu button > Settings option.

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Step-2: Scroll down to the end and under the Notifications settings you will discover the options of Notifications and Select ringtone.

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Step-3: You can enable or disable the option of Notifications but Select ringtone option enables users to change the ringtone of their message notification. Click on it and choose the ringtone of your choice then click on Ok option to apply it.

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Steps to Apply Normal Song as Ringtone:

If you want to apply a song that are you playing or have it in your SD card folder or set it as a ringtone or as personalized ringtone for a contact, follow the procedure given below

Step-1: While playing a music from the music player of your smartphone, click on the Menu button and you will discover various options. Choose the option of Set as.

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Now you will get to see a list of three options that is Phone ringtone, Caller ringtone and Alarm tone.

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Step-2: When you click on caller ringtone, it will directly take you to the contacts folder and will prompt you to select the contact for whom you want apply the caller ringtone. So click on that contact and the selected ringtone will be applied as the caller ringtone to that particular contact and you will be lead back to the music player.

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Next time when that particular contact calls you, you will hear the personalized ringtone for that contact. Thus you can manage the sound of your Android smartphone by following the tips mentioned above carefully.

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