Battleheart – An Epic Single Player Game in Android Market

Sanjana November 22, 2011 0

The first ever hit mobile game, Zombieville USA, is now available on Android as well, known as Battleheart. It presents an unusual combination of Style that is Cute but Functional, Controls that depict Simplicity is Bliss and a surprising Depth. Enter a world of epic fantasy combat that is bound to be incredibly fun and addictive.

battleheart app android

Battleheart is a sword-and-sorcery single player fantasy role playing game. Here the player leads a squad of four magical creatures to fight against the evil powers and achieve victory, glory and riches.battleheart victoryYou can choose from among the seven characters in the game that are Priestess, Black Knight, Mage, Rogue, Witch, Barbarian and Minstrel. Each character has its own special powers. The Witch has got bat attack that does strong focused damage, the Barbarian comes with newer ability and the Rogue has a piercing armor attack.

battleheart app android1The make-up of the party is completely customizable while retaining simplicity. The backdrop consists of a merchant shop exclusively devoted for selling and purchasing items, an armory to upgrade and equip armors and weapons, a tavern for hiring new squad members, a keep to hold your squad and an academy to learn new skills and abilities.

battleheart placesThe players advance on a number of stages on a map. The game begins with the Priestess and the Knight. In the first mission you learn the basic combat and healing skills. The basic control of the game are quiet simple using the click and the finger dragging system.

battleheart mapAfter completing each level you gain experience, items and gold. The fights get harder successively as you progress through the levels so you need to upgrade and customize your squad. New skills are unlocked at each new level and players must learn them at the Academy. Extra heroes can be purchased in the tavern for a modest amount of gold and can be stored in the keep for future use. You can upgrade the equipping armor and weapons at the Armory area.

You can refer to the video mentioned below to know more about the game play.

Battleheart is an addictive fun play and is challenging but not excessively difficult. It comes at a price of $2.99 in the Android Market and it can well quench your thirst for a RPG that plays as it looks. The latest version of this game running is 1.2 and it requires android version 2.1 and up for its installment.

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