How to Backup and Restore SMS in Android

Sanjana November 26, 2011 0

An Android App that lets us backup and restore SMS Messages is the SMS Backup and sms backup restoreRestore App. This app comes in handy when installing custom ROMs or doing a factory reset. By default the backup is stored in SD Card or SMSBackupRestore folder.


  • Backup SMS Messages in XML format
  • You can select which conversations to backup.
  • You can select the format for the auto-generated file name.
  • Restore SMS Messages
  • You can view Messages in the Backup files..
  • You can delete all SMS Messages on the Phone.
  • You can Email a backup file.
  • You can delete all existing backup files.
  • You can automatically delete old files after a specified number of days.

User Interface:

The user screen has seven buttons:

Backup- It Backs up all messages on the phone to XML file and existing file is overwritten.

Restore- Reads the XML file and creates a new message for each entry found in the file.

View- Lets you view SMS Messages in the backup files.

Delete Backup- It deletes the selected section of backup files.

Delete Calls- It deletes all messages on the phone in order to perform a Restore.

Donate- You can donate for the App through PayPal if you wish so.

Search- It performs a very basic search to look for messages consisting of specified text.

Menu Options:

Help- It provides Help information about the App.

Preferences- It launches the Preferences Screen.

Send by Email- You can send the backup file via Email.

Required Permissions:

The following permissions are required for the App to work:

Your messages- To edit or read MMS or SMS (android.permission.READ_SMS, android.permission.WRITE_SMS): Required to read SMS during backup and write them during restore.

Storage- To modify or delete SD Card contents (android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE): Required to create XML file on SD Card.

System Tools- To prevent the phone from sleeping (android.permission.WAKE_LOCK): It prevents the phone from going to sleep that is to enter into a suspended state within the backup or restore progress in operation.

Network Communication- To avail full internet access (android.permission.INTERNET): To display Ads.

Network State- (android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE): It is required by Google Admob Ads to check the network state before requesting Ads.


You can download this app by scanning this QR Code with a barcode scanner device.sms backup restore

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